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About Kashif Mehmood

Male actor Kashif Mehmood from Pakistan, famous due to film

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Kashif Mehmood Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Kashif Mehmood is a Pakistani actor who has helped to change the cinema in Pakistan, leading the revival of cinema in Pakistan through his confident and impressive acting in various difficult roles in Pakistan. He has teamed up with director Humayun Saeed to being many films and dramas to Pakistan, the likes of which have arguably never been seen before. He is admired for his role as the transvestite Babar in the Pakistani drama Moorat, directed by Humayun Saeed. In Moorat, Kashif was extremely confident, portraying a character who is lost and needs direction. His exceptional acting gave the role of Babar an extremelely unique style, turning Baber into a lovable character who everyone must feel sorry for. At the end of the drama, the audience could not possible help but cry for the vulnerable Baber, worrying about his future. Kashif Mehmood has played a high role in the revival of Pakistani dramas and media, making him a very important contributor to the world of Pakistani cinema. He is continually increasing in terms of popularity and fame, and intends to work in many more dramas and cinema productions in the future.

He Started his acting career in 93, working in stage plays he was offered minor roles in TV plays. Break through came when he was offered Muuno Bhaiís Zaroorat. It was his first play. After that he produced Ashiana and worked with senior directors and actors. Although He didnít get expected monetary returns but got a lot of fame from that as an actor.

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