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About Rahat Kazmi

Male actor Rahat Kazmi from Pakistan, famous due to tv

Hero and Supporting Actor


Rahat Kazmi Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Rahat Kazmi\'s first film Aaj aur Kall was a remake of Nazeer Ajmairi\'s Paigham from 1964. He is very good TV artist but could not succeed in films. Ohter films Insaniyat (1976 with Babra shareef), Mahmaan and Muthi bhar chawal (1978), Pakeeza (1979) and Saima, Aazmaish, Khandan and Aap kee khatir (1980). Here is his filmography:
No. Year Films Language Actors

1 1976 Aaj aur kall Urdu Shabnam, Rahat Kazmi, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Lehri
2 1976 Insaniyat Urdu Babra Sharif, Rahat Kazmi
3 1977 Mehman Urdu Babra Sharif, Rahat Kazmi
4 1979 Pakeeza Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Rahat Kazmi, Naveen Tagik
5 1980 Azmaish Urdu Shabnam, Shahid, Rahat Kazmi
6 1980 Khandan Urdu Najma, Rahat Kazmi, Badar Munir, Asif Khan
7 1980 Aap ki khatir Urdu Rani, Shahid, Rahat Kazmi
8 1980 Saima Urdu Babra Sharif, Nadeem, Bazgha, Rahat Kazmi, Qavi,
9 1982 Jan-e-Mann Urdu Babra Sharif, Shahid, Rahat Kazmi
10 1982 Aas Paas Urdu Babra Sharif, Nadeem, Rani, Rahat Kazmi, Rangeela

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