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Male actress Izhar Qazi late from Pakistan, famous due to tv


Izhar Qazi Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Izhar Qazi (Urdu: ﻰﻇﺂﻗ ﺮﺂﻩﻆﺍ) (1955-December 23, 2007) was a famous two time Nigar award winning, Pakistani film and television actor and a playback singer, perhaps best known for his resemblance to the Indian film actor Amitabh Bachhan. Among his peers he was known for his modest lifestyle and honesty. His most famous movies are Love In Nepal, Aalmi Jasoos, Khazana and Sar Kata Insaan.

Entry in Showbusiness
Izhar Qazi was born in Khadda Market, Karachi. By profession he was an engineer and worked at a respectable position at Pakistan Steel Mills until he was spotted by acclaimed Pakistani writer Fatima Suraiyya Bajia at a wedding ceremony and subsequently called for audition. Fatima Suraiyya Bajia was looking for a new face for television at that time and Izhar's striking resemblance with Indian film actor Amitab Bachhan immediately caught her attention.


Izhar Qazi made his showbiz debut in 1982 by starring in Fatima Surraiyya Bajia's family television drama serial Ana. In one of the middle episodes of Ana in which he appeared for the first time, Izhar didnít deliver a single dialogue. But his mere appearance on the screen and resemblance with Amitabh caught the eyes of every viewer in Pakistan. Debuting alongside another newcomer, Mehreen Ilahi, as the young romantic lead and proving his mettle opposite veteran television performers Shakeel and Ghazala Kaifi, Izhar became a household name through his first TV serial. His credentials were further strengthened by excellent acting in the serial Daira and Gardish, again standing out in presence of Shakeel and the late Pakistani actor Saqi.

Qazi's last acting role before his retirement was in the private TV serial, Pani Pe Naam, aired on PTV for which he received a nomination in the best actor category of Lux Style Awards in 2004.


Soon after achieving moderate television success, Izhar Qazi played a gamble by leaving his job and venturing into films and remarkably again achieved instant Lollywood stardom.

Izhar Qazi made his film debut in 1986 by starring in Nazar Shabab's Ruby, as the lead actor, which was an instant hit. He excelled in the film despite the presence of veterans Mustafa Qureshi, Shafi Mohammad, Sabeeta and Rangeela. Although Javed Shiekh was casted initially for the lead role, his sudden disappearance from the cast (due to his visit to India with Salma Agha), forced the film distrubuter Satish Anand to send Izhar Qazi to fill the gap left by Javed Sheikh. During this time Jan Mohammad, another Pakistani film director, grew fed up with Javed and replaced Javed's role with Izhar for his film Bangkok ke chor. In only his third moview, Izhar acted opposite Shabnam (Pakistan's top film actress at that time) in a unique young-to-old character role. Most of his films were in Urdu but he also appeared in double version Urdu-Punjabi films, besides acting in his only Pushto film, Ghunghru do Kalashankoff, opposite Salma Agha.

Soon Izhar made a successful partnership with director Jan Muhammad and released hit films such as Manila ki bijlyan, Roop ki rani and Choron ka baadshah. He also made a successful acting pair with the late Sultan Rahi, releasing a series of successful Punjabi films such as Abdullah the great, Irada, Gujjar baadshah, Lahori baadshah, Pajero group, Ghunda and Dilari. Hence he was more of an action hero than a romantic one. Qazi's role in Sakhi baadshan and Bakhtawar, both earned him the prestigious Nigar Awards twice. He also received the National Award for best actor for his role in Masood Butt's Chiragh Bali. One of his only SciFi film Sar kata insaan, in which he played the role of a police investigation officer won a whopping 8 Nigar awards. Qazi also won Graduate Award and Bolan Award.


Disillusioned by the dismal situation of Lollywood and the quality of films being produced, besides the local film industry politics, Izhar Qazi called it quit a couple of years ago. He then concentrated on his real estate business.

Personal life

Izhar Qazi has four daughters and a son. Besides acting Izhar was also fond of singing and worked as a playback singer in a handful of films, releasing an audio album which didnít get good reviews from music lovers. He also had good literary sense and was actively involved in various literary organizations and functions.

On December 23, 2007, Izhar Qazi, suffered heart attack on late Sunday night while singing at a marriage ceremony of his sister-in-law in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi. He collapsed and was taken to a nearby private hospital where he died after two hours. His funeral prayers were offered at Masjid Darul Khair, Gulistan-i-Jauhar and was buried at Model Colony graveyard the next day.




Rubi Urdu Sabeeta, Izhar Qazi, Rangeela
Bangkok ke Chour Urdu Sabeeta, Izhar Qazi

Dulari Punjabi Anjuman, Sultan Rahi, Izhar Qazi
Himmat wala Urdu Sabeeta, Izhar Qazi
Manila ki bijlian Urdu Sabeeta, Izhar Qazi
Mera Insaaf Urdu Babra Sharif, Izhar Qazi
Nachay Nagin Punjabi Nadira, Ismael Shah, Izhar Qazi, Rahi
Nijat Urdu Sabeeta, Izhar Qazi
Baghi Haseena Urdu Babra Sharif, Izhar Qazi

Bardasht Punjabi Anjuman, Izhar Qazi
Choron ka Badshah Urdu Kaveeta, Izhar Qazi

Manila ke Janbaz Urdu Kaveeta, Izhar Qazi
Rakhwala Punjabi Nadira, Sultan Rahi, Izhar Qazi

Jangi Punjabi Anjuman, Sultan Rahi, Izhar Qazi
Kala Pani P/U Babra Sharif, Izhar Qazi, Ajab Gul
Malanga Punjabi Anjuman, Sultan Rahi, Izhar Qazi
Number One P/U Salma Agha, Izhar Qazi
Insaniyat ke Dushman Urdu Anjuman, Sultan Rahi, Nadeem, Izhar Qazi
Leader Urdu Kaveeta, Nadeem, Izhar Qazi, Hamayun

Akhri shikar P/U Babra Sharif, Salma Agha, Izhar Qazi
Bakhtawar P/U Neeli, Izhar Qazi, Saima, Ghulam Moh.
Chiragh Bali Punjabi Anjuman, Sultan Rahi, Izhar Qazi
Teen Yakke teen Chhakke P/U Neeli, Sultan Rahi, Izhar Qazi
Aalmi Jasoos P/U Kaveeta, Izhar Qazi, Ghulam Mohayuddin
Watan ke Rakhwaley Urdu Nadra, Saima, Sultan Rahi, Nadeem, Izhar

Suhag raat P/U Kaveeta, Izhar Qazi
Abdullah The Great P/U Neeli, Nadeem, Saima, Rahi, Izhar Qazi

Ghunda Punjabi Reema, Sultan Rahi, Izhar Qazi
Ghunghru do Kalashankoff Pashto Salma Agha, Izhar Qazi
Iradah P/U Madiah Shah, Sultan Rahi, Izhar Qazi
Jannat Urdu Rubi Niazi, Izhar Qazi, Mohsin Khan
Nagin Sapera P/U Madiha Shah, Jan Rambo, Izhar Qazi
Sapni P/U Nadia, Izhar Qazi, Sonia
Betaj Badshah P/U Neeli, Reema, Nadeem, Izhar Qazi, Abid Ali

Laila P/U Nadira, Izhar Qazi
Sanam Bewafa P/U Madiha Shah, Izhar Qazi, Sahiba

Khazana Urdu Sahiba, Izhar Qazi, Nadeem, Sahiba
Jungle ka Qanoon P/U Saima, Reema, Rahi, Nadeem, Izhar Qazi

Ghail Urdu Babra Sharif, Izhar Qazi,, Ghulam Moh.
Kala Raj Punjabi Saima, Sultan Rahi, Izhar Qazi
Kalay Naag Punjabi Saima, Izhar Qazi
Aulad ki Qasam Urdu Reema, Babur Ali, Shabnam, Nadeem, Izhar

Hawwa ki Beti Urdu Sapna, Izhar Qazi, Nargis

Daaman aur Chingari Urdu Saima, Izhar Qazi, Nargis

Parcham Urdu Sana, Shaan, Arbaz Khan, Izhar Qazi


Ana (Ego)
Daira (Boundary)
Gardish (Circulation)
Zakhm (Injury)
Gunahgar (Sinner)
Paani pe naam (Name on water)

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