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About Amol Palekar

Male actor Amol Palekar from India, famous due to bollywood



Amol Palekar Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Personal Profile (Personal Biography)
Original Name: Amol Palekar
Date of Birth (Birthday): 20 November, 1944
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Birth Place: Mumbai
Religion: Hindu
Marital Status: Married
Languages: Hindi, English

Film Background (Filmography)
Film Career: He is an actor as well as a director also.
Debut Film: Baaton Baaton Mein
Famous Movies: As Director - Paheli, As an Actor - Chitchor, Meri Biwi Ki Saadi, Chhoti Si Baat, Naram Garam, Rangbiranga, Rajnigandha, Golmaal
Film Awards: Best Movie Awards for Akriet

Actor Amol Palekar Photos

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