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About Dasari Narayana Rao

Male actor Dasari Narayana Rao from India, famous due to bollywood

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Dasari Narayana Rao Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Dr. Dasari.NarayanaRao(born May 4, 1947, Palakol,West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh) , is an Indian is a politician, film director, and film producer. Narayana Rao directed about 150 films, produced 53 films and worked in above 250 films as a dialogue writer and as a lyricist .

Beside graduating with a BA degree, he used to take part in scores of drama competitions. He was soon recognised as a potential stage artiste, scriptwriter and director. During his career he also acted in Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada languages. He won Andhra Pradesh State Best actor award for his acting.

His Thatha Manavadu, Swargam Narakam, Megha Sandesam, and Mamagaru bought him awards. He mainly took films on Anti Dowry issue and lady oriented, message oriented films . His Bobbili Puli and Sardar Paparayudu films played an important role in NTRís political entry .

His acting Mamagaru, Soorigadu, and Osey Ramulamma are some of the examples for his acting talent. They won critics praises and many awards. His other memorable films include Chillara Kottu Chittemma and Premabishekam. Muralimohan and Jayasudha were regulars in his movies. He introduced many artists into Tollywood notable among them being Mohan Babu.


He launched a popular daily Newspaper Udayam to counter the effect of Ramoji Rao's newspaper Eenaadu. He created a sensation by interviewing PWG founder Kondapalli Seetharamayya.


During Rajiv gandhi period, Dasari took active election campaigning for the Indian National Congress. After the assassination of Rajiv gandhi, he felt he was being distanced in the party circles. In the late 1990s, he planned to start his own political party Telugu Talli.

Later, Dasari was elected to the Rajya Sabha thanks to the Congress party. He became the Minister of state in Ministry of Coal. Said to be a confidante of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Dasari once again became active in politics after Congress Party came back to power in 2004.


Received Nandi Award in 1974 for the Film Thatha Manavadu.
Received Golden Nandi award for the best Film Swargam Narakam (remade in Hindi as Swarg Narak)
Best director Nandi award for Meghasandesam in 1983.
Best actor Nandi award for Mamagaru in 1992.
Doctorate "Kalaprapoorna" from Andhra University for his contribution to Telugu Culture and Telugu Cinema in 1986.
Received several awards from social organizations of repute, such as Vamsee Berkeley, Kalasagar, Shiromani Institute to name a few; won, Filmfare Award six times, Madras Film Fans Award five times, Cine Herald continuously for ten years.
He won Jyothi Chitra Super Director three times.
Ancient Andhra Patrika Best Director Award six times.
Apart from this his films won many awards.

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