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About Kaikala Satyanarayana

Male actor Kaikala Satyanarayana from India, famous due to bollywood

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Kaikala Satyanarayana Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Kaikala Satyanarayana was born on July 25, 1935 to Kaikala Laxmi Narayana couple at Kautaram village in Krishna district. Having completed his primary and intermediate education in Gudivada and Vijayawada, Satyanarayana graduated from Gudivada College. He married Nageswaramma on April 10, 1960 and is blessed with two daughters and two sons.

With his striking personality and sound voice, Satyanarayana landed in Madras for roles in movies. He was first noticed by DL Narayana. Narayana offered him a role in his film Sipayi Koothuru directed by Changayya in 1959. Though the film didnot do well at the boxoffice, he was noticed by one and all. It is quite interesting to note that one of the reasons why the makers noticed him is his resemblance to NTR. They found him as a prospective candidate to play dupe to NTR. And Satyanarayana aptly fitted that place. He played dupe to NTR in several movies. This is when NTR noticed him. NTR offered Satyanarayana a role in his film Apoorva Sahasra Siraccheda Chintamani in 1960. This film was directed by SD Lal. Satyanarayana played the role of a prince in that film.

It was the vision of Vitalacharya to cast Satyanarayana as villain. This would change Satyanarayana's career for ever. Vitalacharya casted him in a negative role in his film Kanaka Durga Pooja Mahima. He fitted the role to the T and from then on, Satyanarayana grew to infinte bounds in establishing himself in the villain role.

While carving career as villain, Satyanarayana also did character roles in parallel. This eleveated him as an actor. Telugu industry is blessed to have an actor as versatile as Satyanarayana. There is not one role which is not done by this actor. Whatever role he entered into, he just lived in it. As NTR is for Lord Rama, Krishna etc, Satyanarayana is for Yama. He did Yama roles in Yamagola and Yamaleela.

Satyanarayana who have been contributing to Telugu movies for over 4 decades, have acted in 777 movies. He has portrayed a variety of roles like mythological, villain, comedy, soft roles etc in his very special way. Satyanarayana is the king of all nine Rasas and hence the title NAVARASA NATANAA SARVABHOUMA has been synonymous with his name.

Satyanarayana established Rama films production banner and made films such as Kodama Simham, Bangaru Kutumbam, Muddula Mogudu. In 1996, he stepped into politics by winning Lok Sabha elections from Machilipatnam constituency.

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Awards and recognitions

Natasekhara, given by Non Government Organization (NGO) in Anathapur
Natasekhara, given by Gudivada Municipal Civic Center
Kalaprapurna, given by Kavali Cultural Association
Navarasa Natanaa Sarvabhouma, given by Cultural Association among big dignitaries

Fast Facts

777 movies todate
28 Mythological movies
51 Folklore movies
9 Historical movies
Satyanarayana has acted under 200 Directors.
223 movies completed 100 days
59 movies had Silver Jubilees
10 movies had Golden Jubilees
10 movies ran for a year or more

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