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About Prashanta Nanda

Male actor Prashanta Nanda from India, famous due to tollywood

Director and Actor


Prashanta Nanda Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Prashanta Nanda (Oriya)(born May 2, 1947) is one of the most popular Oriya Movie stars in the state of Orissa in India. He served Oriya Film Industry as an actor, director, screenplay writer, and lyricist and even as a playback singer.He was also former Minister of State of Orissa.

Life and career

In 1960, Prasantha Nanda wan National Award as best actor for the film Nua Bou with his debut film.The name of Prasantha Nanda would always come while dealing with Oriya Film Industry. He was present in Oriya films since 1960, but he became super active only after 1976. Nanda served Oriya Film Industry as an actor, director, screenplay writer, and lyricist and even as a playback singer. Such a versatile genius is quite rare in Indian cinema history. Nanda alone carried Oriya films into the national honor list by winning National Awards for three times in 1960, 1966 and 1969 for his acting in Nua Bou, Matir Manisha and Adina Megha.

He was BJP's senior leader and Orissa state BJP Vice President and resigned from the primary membership of the party in Augest 2007.

Awards & Accreditation



Lal Pan Bibi (1994)(Bengali)
Ghar Sansar (1993)
Jaa Devi Sarva Bhuteshu (1989)
Nyaya Chakra (1989)
Lal Paan Bibi (1988)
Golamgiri (1987)
Bagula Baguli (1986)
Paka Kambal Pot Chhota (1986)
Dora (1984)
Grahasthi (1984)
Jaga Balia (1984)
Swapna Sagara (1983)
Hisab Nikas (1982)
Pooja (1981)
Maa o Mamata (1980)
Naiyya (1979)
Balidan (1978)
Paheli (1977)
Shesha Shrabana (1976)


Naiyya (1979) .... Sonu
Shesha Shrabana (1976) .... Sania
Samaya (1975)
Adina Megha (1970) .... Suresh
Matira Manisha (1966) .... Chakkadi

Music Director

Ghar Sansar (1993)

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