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About Uttam Mohanty

Male actor Uttam Mohanty from India, famous due to tollywood

Character Actor


Uttam Mohanty Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Uttam Mohanty (Oriya) is one of the most popular Ollywood stars in the state of Orissa in India.

Life and career

He dominated the Oriya film industry throughout the 80's and 90's. His native town is in Baripada, Mayurbhanj district. He is married to Oriya film actress Aparajita Mohanty and they have a son named Tanmay Mohanty(Babusan), who is a very good classical singer at the age of 10. Uttam Mohanty first explored the Oriya film world while he was living with his elder brother Late Arun Ku. Mohanty in Calcutta. He signed for the first oriya movie while he had enrolled for chartered accountancy course in Calcutta. Later, his film was a big hit and then Uttam opted seriously for being an actor. Afterwards, he slowly stabilised his position in the Oriya film industry keeping pace with the then oriya greats Prasanta Nanda, Shriram Panda, Ajit Das etc. Then there was a time which saw him to be the undisputed king of the Oriya film industry. Such was his position and fame as a super-hero in Oriya films that, he dominated the industry as long as 20 years as an active and singleton lead hero which was notable. Even during his peak arena, no other actor was considered for movies other than him, quite a stunning revealing of his dominance as a lead actor. He is often considered as the Amitabh Bachchan of Oriya cinema. Even Mithun Chakraborty, one of his co-stars in a movie and a Bollywood megastar, had to say, 'I feel immensely lucky and honoured to have worked with such an influential actor and i did learn from him a lot...'

He has won many oriya filmfare awards and prizes as a best actor. Currently, he is working for oriya tele-serials and movies. He is interested in enhancing his knowledge in the area of politics.

Awards & Accreditation


Year Movie Director Co-stars Music Director Banner
2008 karfu
Chha mana Athaguntha
sarapancha babu
Sapana banika
suna chadhei


Sara akasha

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