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About Faisal Malik

Male actor Faisal Malik from Pakistan, famous due to film

Theater and TV Director.


Faisal Malik Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Faisal Malik is an Actor, Theater and TV Director. He made Thespianz Theater in Feb. 2004. He gave directions for many theater plays and acted in many plays. He has strong relations with Government Cultural Promoters, private sector, Embassies for Cultural Promotion. His few works are as follows:


Program Manager/Producer & Director Private TV with News Setup.
Asst. Director I-Plus TV
Hosted many live & recorded shows Political, Religious, Current affairs and entertaining transmissions.
Voiceover for different projects
Mime (Acting without words) course from Ather Abbas
Lights, Movements, Expressions, Cameras
TV and Theater Director.


Hosted 6 Months of Live Morning show on all current affairs and on special events as a Program Manager.
“Taleem-e-Baleghan” by Naeem Tahir, Presented in front of President Gen. Pervez Musharraf
"PowerPoint" for Geo TV
“One on One" Celebrity based show (Host and Produce)
"Anar Kali" for Theater Production
"Roh ka Natak" for Theater Productions
"Taj Mehal ka Tender" for Theater Productions
Participated in "kion k burger bhe kabhe bunkabab tha" for Geo TV
"Final Take" for Theater Productions.
"Karobari Tips" for TV
"Islamic World" for TV
"Celebrity Insight" for TV
Recently Directed English Play “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett
Directed Khuwaja Moinudin play “Lal Qilay say Lalo Khait Tak”
Host and Media Co-ordinater of Greentree Resort and Unilever.
Recently acted in Hollywood Movie “Blackend” for Director Steven Spielberg[citation needed]
Recently did direction for a satirical Play “yaro ye bhe naqli he” at Beach Luxury Hotel.
Dramatic Lectures for different Educational Institutions.


Two Days workshop with PTV GM Qasim Jalali.
Three Days workshop with Sania Saeed.
Two Days workshop with Shoib Hashmi, Samina Ahmed.
One Day workshop with Naeem Bokhari.
One Day workshop with Anwar Maqsood & on Special Shots in British Council with Hammad Khan.
One Day workshop with Mehdi Hassan and Abdul Sattar Tari (World Famous Tabla Nawaz)
Three Days workshop with Indian Famous Movie writer Greesh Garnard, Mr. Desh Panday, Actor Naseerudin Shah
One Day Workshop with World Leading jazz Pianist “Mike del Ferro” with Collaboration of the U.S. Consulate, Khi
One Day workshop with Anwar Maqsood and Moin Akhter.
Member of Management Committees in Various seminars, Conferences and Drama societies.

Certificate of International Youth Jam 2005

Seminar of EU relations with South Asia & Current situation, Area Study center

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