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About Bahar

Female actress Bahar from Pakistan, famous due to film

Heroine, Character Actress


Bahar Actress Pictures Interview Biography

First film: Chann Mahi >(Punjai - 1956)
Last film: ?
She never became a top class heroine but as character actress achieved great successes. Bahar appeared as heroine/second heroine in films like Saheli, Salma, Kartar Singh, Lutera, Khandan, Daal mein kala, Bharjai, Doctor, Waris Shah, Farangi and many more. She married director and actor Iqbal Yousuf and left the film industry but came back as supporting actress in film Maa te Qanoon in 1974. She was best known as "Sultan Rahi's Mother" because she appeared in many Punjabi films in the 80s as his mother. Some of her famous films are Sher Khan, Moula Bakhsh, Kaley Chor and many more... Choorian was one of her last films.

Bahar's filmography as heroine:
No. Year Film Language Actors
1 1956 Cann Mahi Punjabi Bahar, Aslam Pervez, Asif Jah, Salim Raza
2 1957 Laila Majnoo Urdu Bahar, Aslam Pervez, Shola, Ilyas Kashmiri
3 1957 Zulfaan Punjabi Bahar, Aslam Pervez, Zeenat
4 1958 Ghar Jawai Punjabi Bahar, Sultan, A. Shah
5 1959 Himmat Urdu Bahar, Aslam Pervez
6 1959 Bodi Shah Punjabi Bahar, Akmal, Zarif
7 1959 Kartar Singh Punjabi Musarrat Nazir, Sudhir, Bahar, Laila, Bhatti, Ajmal, Zarif
8 1960 Ek thi Maa Urdu Nayyar Sultana, Sudhir, Bahar
9 1960 Saheli Urdu Nayyar Sultana, Darpan, Shamim Ara, Bahar, Aslam Pervez
10 1960 Salma Urdu Yasmin, Ejaz, Bahar, Allauddin, A. Shah
11 1960 Mitti dian Murtaan Punjabi Bahar, Aslam Pervez, Nazar, Nighat, Zarif
12 1960 Sohni Kumharan Punjabi Bahar, Aslam Pervez, Zarif, Ajmal
13 1961 Do raste Urdu Bahar, Yousuf Khan, Ejaz
14 1961 Jadugar Urdu Bahar, Sultan
15 1961 Abroo Punjabi Bahar, Akmal
16 1961 Mangti Punjabi Bahar, Aslam
17 1962 Ajnabi Urdu Bahar, Ejaz, Diljeet Mirza
18 1962 Beta Urdu Bahar, Aslam Pervez, Husna, Liala
19 1962 Daal mein kala Urdu Bahar, Kemal, Mohammad Ali
20 1962 Mousiqaar Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Meena, Bahar, Darpan and Rehan
21 1962 Sooraj Mukhi Urdu Bahar, Aslam Pervez, Asif Jah
22 1963 Dhup Chaun Urdu Bahar, Ejaz, Nasira
23 1963 Shararat Urdu Bahar, Mohammad Ali, Laila
24 1963 Suhag Urdu Bahar, Habib, Nighat
25 1964 Azad Urdu Bahar, Santosh, Asad Bukhari, Ajmal
26 1964 Farangi Urdu Shamim Ara, Sudhir, Bahar, Allauddin, Mazhar Shah, Talish
27 1964 Khandan Urdu Bahar, Akmal, Habib, Mohammad Ali, Naghma, Mazhar Shah
28 1964 Landa Bazar Urdu Bahar, Asad Bukhari, Asif Jah
29 1964 Lutera Urdu Bahar, Aslam Pervez, Talish
30 1964 Mamta Urdu Bahar, Habib, Waheed Murad
31 1964 Bharjai Punjabi Bahar, Akmal, Zahoor Shah
32 1964 Waris Shah Punjabi Bahar Akmal, Meena, Nasira, Asif Jah, Inayat Hussain Bhatti
33 1965 Doctor Urdu Bahar, Waheed Murad, Jaafri
34 1965 Kale log Urdu Bahar, Habib, Anwar
35 1965 Sanam Urdu Bahar, Kemal, Rani, Mohammad Ali
36 1968 Dil Darya Punjabi Bahar, Aslam Pervez, Mazhar Shah
37 1988 Bano Punjabi Bahar, Aslam Pervez, Talish

A highly educated lady, Kishwar Begum was introduced by Anwar Kemal Pasha as Bahar in Punjabi film Chann Mahi. It would be very interesting to know that how Anwar Kemal Pasha gave the name Bahar to Kishwer who introduced her in film Chan Mahi (1956). Anwar Kemal was found of to play and participate in Race. In those days when Anwar Kamal Pasha selected Kishwar (Bahar) for his film Chan Mahi in Karachi, his favourite mare named Bahar won the race and he got a lot of many consequently. So, Anwar Kamal was very happy and suggested Kishwer's filmi name Bahar. (by Mohammed Ayub Qureshi, Saudi Arabia)

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