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About Shabana

Female actress Shabana from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood



Shabana Actress Pictures Interview Biography

She was the second most successful film heroine from Bengal after Shabnam.
No. Year Films Language Actors
1 1967 Chakori Urdu Shabana, Nadeem, Reshma, Mustafa, Dear Asghar
2 1967 Chhotey Sahib Urdu Shabana, Nadeem, Sajjata, Azeem, Dear Asghar
3 1968 Chand aur Chandni Urdu Shabana, Nadeem, Reshma, Mustafa, Dear Asghar
4 1968 Qulli Urdu Shabana, Nadeem, Sajjata, Azeem, Jaleel Afghani
5 1969 Daagh Urdu Shabana, Nadeem, Masood Akhtar, Jalil Afghani
6 1969 Anari Urdu Shabana, Nadeem, Jaleel Afghani, Mithu, Dear Asghar
7 1970 Pail Urdu Shabana, Razzaq, Javed Sheikh, Unees
8 1970 Chand Sooraj Urdu Rozina, Waheed Murad, Shabana, Nadeem, Zaqia, Hanif
9 1971 Mehrban Urdu Shabana, Razzaq, Sultana
10 1984 Basera Urdu Shabana, Nadeem, Mustafa, Rangeela, Shoukat
11 1985 Hulchal Urdu Shabana, Nadeem, Nazan
12 1991 Aandhi Urdu Shabana, Nadeem, Kavita, Shashma, Faisal, Afzaal

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