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About Sawarn Lata

Female actress Sawarn Lata from Pakistan, famous due to film

Heroine and Character Actress


Sawarn Lata Actress Pictures Interview Biography

First film: Sachai (Urdu - 1949)
Last film: Duniya na maney (Urdu - 1971)
She was heroine of Pakistans first ever silver jubilee film Pherey. As heroine Laarey, Sherhri Babu, Noukar, Heer and as character actress Sawaal were som big films.
Sawarn Lata was born as Sikh and converted to Islam after she married prominent actor, producer and director Nazir. The first film they produced in Pakistan was "Heer Ranjha", but film print was destroyed due to poor negative of the film. Her real name was Saeeda Bano and she died on February 8, 2008.

Sawarn Lata's filmography:
No. Year Film Language Actors
1 1949 Sachai Urdu Sawarn Lata, Nazir, Akhtari, Majeed
2 1949 Pherey Punjabi Sawarn Lata, Nazir, Nazar, Zeenat, Alam Siaposh
3 1950 Anokhi Daastan Urdu Sawarn Lata, Nazir, Nazar, M. Ismael
4 1950 Laaray Punjabi Sawarn Lata, Nazir, Nazar, Allauddin,
5 1952 Bheegi Palken Urdu Sawarn Lata, Nazir, Nazar, Allauddin
6 1953 Sheri Babu Punjabi Sawarn Lata, Santosh, Nazar, Allauddin,
7 1955 Khatoon Urdu Sawarn Lata, Nazir, Naeem Hashmi
8 1955 Noukar Urdu Sawarn Lata, Nazir, Ragni, Salim Raza
9 1955 Heer Punjabi Sawarn Lata, Inayat Bhatti, Zeenat, Nazar
10 1956 Sabira Urdu Sawarn Lata, Nazir, Nazar, Ilyas Kashmiri
11 1956 Soteeli Maa Urdu Sawarn Lata, Nazir, Nazar, Masood
12 1957 Noor-e-Islam Urdu Sawarn Lata, Darpan, Nazir, Nazar, Majeed
13 1959 Shama Urdu Sawarn Lata, Nazir, Neelo, Darpan
14 1962 Billo Jee Punjabi Sawarn Lata, Habib, Nazir, Nazar
15 1965 Azmat-e-Islam Urdu Sawarn Lata, Habib, Naeem Hashmi
16 1966 Sawaal Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Ejaz, Sawarn Lata, Nazir
17 1971 Duniya na maney Urdu Zeba, Mohammad Ali, Sawarn Lata, Ilyas

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