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About Resham

Female actress Resham from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood

Beautiful Pakistani Film Hero


Resham Actress Picture Interview Biography Film Heroine

Resham is a model and an actress. She is heroine of lollywood. Film industry of Pakistan. Resham started her acting career on Televison. Reesham is a very pretty girlShe debuted with Syed Noor's Jeeva and later went on to star in a string of commercial hits in the late 1990s. She is very talented actress Reaham. Is beautiful and attractive very sexy figure She puts in hundred per cent efforts in her work. Resham is a superstar of Pakistani film industry and television.

Resham is a Pakistani film actress based in Lahore. She debuted with Syed Noor's Jeeva and later went on to star in a string of commercial hits in the late 1990s. She was noted for her performance as the upcoming model in Samina Peerzada's Inteha.


Resham is a superstar of Pakistani film industry, and also worked in some television plays. She is a great actress with immense talents. Resham, with her beautiful face coupled with naughty smile and teasing eyes had carved a niche in the hearts of millions of Pakistani viewers including young and old alike. This beautiful actress, though trapped in controversies now and then, had tasted success and fame in Lollywood and won five national film fare awards in a career spanning nine glorious years.

Her films include, Jeeva, Sangam, Dupatta jal raha hai, Jannat ki talaash, Muhabbat hai kya cheez, and Guns and roses etc. Resham had also appeared in some superb television serials like Mann-0-salwa. Because of falling standards in film production, Resham had to keep away from Lollywood for a short time. Yet, the amazing actress is biding her time to prove her mettle once again. She only needs roles that test her acting calibre. Resham had recently declared that she is going to marry her long time friend for the past ten years, Mahmood Bhatti, a Pakistani fashion designer settled in France. On the other hand Mahmood Bhatti, already a married man, is completely overwhelmed by Resham and her love. Resham is active in films since 1995 till date and appears in many urdu and punjabi films in leading roles and also doing amazing roles in some tv plays. She is considered to be the number one actress of pakistani film industry. Her poetry sense and poetry recitation is also amazing.


Love 95
Chor Machaey shor
Kudyaan ko daley dana
Yes Boss
Muhabbat hai kya cheez
Very good dunya very bad log
kaheen pyar na ho jaey
Dupatta jal raha hai
Do boond pani
Dil kach da khidona
Guns and Roses
Chupke Chupke
Jannat ki talaash
Pal do pal
Dada Badmaash
Uff yeh beewiaan
Pehla Pehla Pyaar
And many more movies


Kharman 1990
Saarah Aur Amaarah 1991
Aadam kay baitay 1991
Sargi da taara 1992
Din 1993
Dukh Sukh 1994
Amar Bail 1996
Uff yeah Ladkiaan 2001
Banjar 2006
Man-o-Salwa 2007
Reshmi 2008
Mutthi Bhar Chaawal 2008
Chhatt 2008

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