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Male actress Abrar ul Haq from Pakistan, famous due to tv

pakistani Singer Fly High On O


Abrar-ul-Haq Singer Pictures Interview Biography

Abrar-ul-Haq. is Pakistani pop Bhangra and Folk singer. He was born 21ist July at Faisalabad. He got his Master's degree in social sciences from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad. Before becoming a singer, he was a teacher at the Aitchison College in Lahore. He got fame with his fist album "Billo De Ghar". Ibrar-ul-Haq got lot of success is very short period. His Punjabi songs are more popular. He is a legend of Punjabi music.
He is very popular in young generation of Pakistan. His songs are very popular in both girls and guys equally. His Music Albums "Billo Day Ghar","Majajni" "Bay Ja Cycle Tay" "MAl o Mal" and "Nacha Main Audhay Nall" all are very popular.

Abrar-ul-Haq is one of our most distinctive vocalists whose ascent to acme is not only portentous; it has also eventuated in somewhat redefining the local music scene. Since we have many groups and soloists soliciting attention of a small audience, everyone must take up a diverse identity and make their lucid mark. It is hard to say Abrar set out to become what he is today since his debut album had an assortment of songs. Nevertheless, when his "Billo Day Ghar" broke all records of popularity, he must have had inkling which path to follow.

Before starting his career, Abrar was a teacher in The Aitchison College. He wanted to sing but his family did not allow it dismissing it as waste of time. Abrar attempted one song "Billo Day Ghar" and went to Network Television Marketing as they aired several music shows to promote new talent. Initially, he was rejected on the grounds that his style would not click with the audience.

He pressed on and they aired it on Music Channel Charts, a show that enjoyed a hundred percent viewership of the Pakistani music lovers. The song entered the top ten list and, within a fortnight, climbed to numero uno to stay there for some time. Soon, Abrar launched his debut album and the cassette sold millions of copies because everyone go "Billo Day Ghar"! Abrar had a falling out with the record company over the royalties and how he recovered his money is privileged information. However he had made his indelible mark on the music scene and he had soon started his work on his next project.

"Billo on GT'Road" was his next release that seriously established him as a naughty singer! His popularity surpassed: age, gender, creed, and social barriers. He made songs that his fans hummed privately and his albums sold like hot cakes on a rainy winter evening. He swept the nation with Abrar craze and even our movies featured various versions of his songs.

Sitting straight an the back of the mare called success with reins firmly in his hands, Abrar launched his third album "Bay Ja Cycle Tay" and decided to build a hospital in memory of his mother as well. His fans donated generously while his emulators pointed fingers and found faults with him. Abrar pressed on, heedless of what the world said.

A few months ago, he released another album titled, "Main Gaddi Aap Chalawaan Gaa." For an unsuspecting music buff it is a shock as the album has only one new song, the title track, and the remaining are from Abrar's previous three albums. The unjust thing is, it does not say anywhere if it is, in fact, a "Best of Abrar" album. I, therefore, label it a heist whereas for his hard-core fans, it is one containing all hits of Abrar according to him and his recording, company.

Like all pop groups, Abrar has a trademark, Billo that he cannot shake off no matter how hard he tries. Though he tried to faze Billo out in his later albums, Abrar's staunch fans still demand him to lip-sync on it. Although Abrar does not smoke or endorse the habit, he had no scruples about accepting a tobacco company as his sponsor. It proves our artistes need deep-pocketed sponsors irrespective of the fact that who is behind it. One of the disadvantages Abrar faces is that he cannot sing most of his hits live as he cannot employ the backing vocals and the upbeat music he uses while recording. He has to use DAT, naturally, to recreate the magic associated with Abrar and what we anticipate. Then, he has no formal training in singing and representing the majority who on the top because of their earlier hits, have multinational backings, or because of sheer luck. His vocals please as they suit the kind of songs he sings but they have a limited capacity: if he tried to sing songs other than his style, he would surely goof up.

Abrar's strength and weakness lies in his lyrics that are hilarious, scintillating, and inane at the same time depending upon your state of mind. He writes and sings the kind of songs no one else, with the exception of Fariha Pervaiz, can pull off. He has an uncanny talent of taking ordinary things in life, pulling lyrics out of thin air to match them, and turning them into commercial successes. There cannot be two opinions about the entertainment value of his songs but there are various opinions about his vocals, his music making abilities, and his attitude while off stage. We will not discuss his off stage antics since that is his personal life but his professional life and career graph was under scrutiny here that, whether one is partial to Abrar or not, is invigorating.

Abrar-ul-Haq is one of the few lucky singers who started singing when it was relatively easy to succeed. With the influx of so man satellite channels and the onslaught of alien culture, a new vocalist will have to be exceptionally good to make anyone listen to him or her even once. The existing stars have to make expensive videos to stay under the limelight too as the order of the day is: "Out of sight, out of business!"

Hit Songs: Billo Day Ghar, Billo on GT Road, Bay la Cycle Tay, Murree Shehry Di Niki, Sachchian Te Korian, Majajani, Wan-Kutia, Kurian Lahore Diyan.

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