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About Meena Shori

Female actress Meena Shori from Pakistan, famous due to tv



Meena Shori Actress Pictures Interview Biography

First film: Miss 56 (1956)
Last film: Nishan (1979)
She was born in Raiwind near Lahore in a rural and poor family. She was totally illeterate girl and jumped to Bombay in late 30's and became silver screen temptress and happiest girl in the Indian filmdom from 40's & 50's. Sohrab Modi gave her chance in Sikandar (1941) that was an all India hit and there was no looking back for Meena. She worked in Indian films from Sikandar (1941) thru Shrimati (1956) and then moved to Pakistan and worked here in films till late 70's. Eik Thi Larki (1949) made by her husband Roop K. shorie (at the time of marriage with R.K. Shorie, Meena changed the
Meena in Pakistani films
relegion to Hindu and later after the seperation, again she entered to Islam), dubbed her as the sensational Lara Lappa Girl. Also the song from this film "Lara Lappa Lara Lappa lai lag da..." was very popular and became a street song of those days.
Meena got married with R.K. Shorie, Zahoor Raja, Al-Nasir, Raza Mir and lastly Asad Bokhari but at the last and final part of her life story that was also too painful to be real. No one from them was around her and she also had no issue from them. A bright star in glaxy of filmdom in 40's and 50's was reduced to extremely destitude living by the end her life before the death in 1989. In late 80's when she was seriously sick having no money for treatment, former Prime Minister Nawaz Shareefhelped her out and one time late Mohammed Ali also gave her moral support when she had stood up in a function begging for charity money to marry off her sister's daughters. Once she told that she felt like a dried up tree in a grove of green saplings that everyone is out to chop down and burn. It is said that her burial was arranged with charity money.
Meena's other films before 1947 Pathron ka soudagar (1944), Neelam and Rut rangeeli. (1945), Shahar sey door (1946),Arsee (1947) and Ajeeb Larki.
She migrated to Pakistan in 1956 and worked as heroine, side heroine and later as character actress and appeared in Khamosh raho, Landa bazaar, Phool aur kantey, Ghaddar and Andhi mohabbat (1964), Hamraz, Mirza Jatt (1967), Najo (1969), Mera naa Patey Khan (1974) and Nishani (1979). She was seen in 98 films, 59 Urdu and 39 Punjabi. (by Mohammed Ayub Qureshi).

Meena Shori's films as heroine:
No. Year Films Language Actors
1 1956 Miss 56 Urdu Meena Shori, Santosh, Aslam Pervez
2 1957 Bara Aadmi Urdu Meena Shori, Ejaz, Allauddin
3 1958 Sitaron ki Duniya Urdu Meena Shori, Sheeda Imam, Rukhsana
4 1958 Aakhri nishan Urdu Meena Shori, Sudhir, Allauddin
5 1958 Jagga Punjabi Meena Shori, Aslam Pervez, Ilyas Kashmiri
6 1959 Gulshan Urdu Meena Shori, Sudhir
7 1959 Bacha Jamoora Punjabi Meena Shori, Akmal
8 1960 Behrupia Punjabi Meena Shori, Akmal, Zarif, Mazhar
9 1962 Jamalo Punjabi Meena Shori, Asad Bukhari, Naghma
10 1963 Teen aur teen Urdu Meena Shori, Habib, Lehri

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