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About Swaran Lata

Female actress Swaran Lata from Pakistan, famous due to tv

singer and actress


Swaran Lata greet Actress Pictures Interview Biography

Swaran Lata, (1924-2008) was a Pakistani film actress. She was born into a Sikh family in Rawalpindi, British India in 1924. She became a shining star in the film industry first in India and later on in Pakistan. She was described as a Tragedy Queen because of her intense presence on screen and her apt dialogue delivery.

After completing her education, she joined Academy of Music and Arts - Lucknow. In early 1940's her family was moved to Bombay. Swaran Lata started her career as an stage actress. Her first film was Awaaz released in 1942.

Sawarn Lata was born a Sikh and converted to Islam after she married Nazir Ahmed, a famous actor, director and producer at the time. She changed her name to Saeeda Bano. The Swaran-Nazir pair was a very creative ensemble, churning out many movies together both before and after Partition.

In 1947, Swaran and Nazir migrated to Pakistan at the time of the Partition of India. They left everything they had behind in Bombay and shifted to Lahore. The duo had to start from scratch and in the process became one of the pioneers of the Pakistan film industry.

Swaran Lata was heroine of Pakistan's first ever silver jubilee film Pherey. As heroine Laarey, Naukar, Heer and as character actress Sawaal were her big films.

Swaran Lata passed away at the age of 83 in Lahore on February 8, 2008. Swaran Lata had four children - Three daughters (Ismet Murshed, Iffat Rashed and Talat Abbasi) and a son (Aslam Nazir).


Awaaz (1942) Hindi film
Tasveer (1943) Hindi film
Pratigya (1943) Hindi film
Ishara (1943) Hindi film
Us Paar (1944) Hindi film
Raunaq (1944) Hindi film
Ratan (1944) Hindi film
Ghar Ki Shobha (1944) Hindi film
Preet (1945) Hindi film
Laila Majnu (1945) Hindi film
Pratima (1945) Hindi film
Chand Tara (1945) Hindi film
Wamaq Azra (1946) Hindi film
Shaam Savera (1946) Hindi film
Abida (1947) Hindi film
Gharbar (1948) Hindi film
Sachai (1949) Urdu film
Pherey (1949) Punjabi film
Anokhi Daastan (1950) Urdu film
Laaray (1950) Punjabi film
Bheegi Palken (1952) Urdu film
Sheri Babu (1953) Punjabi film
Khatoon (1955) Urdu film
Naukar (1955) Urdu film
Heer (1955) Punjabi film
Sabira (1956) Urdu film
Soteeli Maa (1956) Urdu film
Noor-e-Islam (1957) Urdu film
Shama (1959) Urdu film
Billo Jee (1962) Punjabi film
Azmat-e-Islam (1965) Urdu film
Sawaal (1966) Urdu film
Duniya Na Maney (1971) Urdu film

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