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About Saima

Female actress Saima from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood

Top Pakistani Film Heroine


Saima Actress Picture Interview Biography

Saima is a very Papulor Pakistani film heroine. She is queen of lollywood. She worked in over 200 movies. Saima basically belongs from Multan .Saima's debut in Punabi Film Khatarnaak of Director Akram Khan. She is most busy actress of lollywood. Saima is very beautiful and have ideal figure for Tyipcal Punjabi Film heroine. She is married with famous Director and writer Syed Noor. Saima is very talented actress and she is very sucsesful heroine of Pakistani Film Industry. Saima is very nice and cool person. She is a very good actress and dancer

Saima is a Pakistani actress from Multan.

Saima's debut was directed by Akram Khan. She was cast on the spot for the main lead in Khatarnaak, in 1990. Saima has steadily ascended the ladder of success. Saima was discovered at the time when Sultan Rahi was the number one hero. The record breaking success of Syed Noor’s blockbuster Choorian made her a house hold name over night.

Saima joined Lollywood at a time when Anjuman absolutely dominated the scene. Anjuman was so busy that some producers were becoming frustrated due Anjuman's dates and were already looking for replacement. The alternative came in the shape of Saima who took full advantage of the opportunity.Saima is very famous in middle standard peoples of Pakistan. Because only middle standard people watch the punjabi movies.Saima rocked the movies back then.


Piya Naam Ka Diya date
One Two Ka One
Larki Punjaban
Moosa Khan
Jungle Queen
Gabbar Singh
But Shikan
International Luterey
Khuda Ghawah
Hasinon Ki Barat
Sher Ali
Daku Rani

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