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About Surayya Khan

Female actress Surayya Khan from Pakistan, famous due to film



Surayya Khan Actress Pictures Interview Biography

Surraya Khan was born in Jehangir Pura, Peshawar in 1958. Her real name is Sayyida Aasiya Bibi. She has a sister and three brothers. Her father Major Raza Hussain Shah died in the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. Surraya Khan has one son [Shakeel Hussain] who has a B.Sc degree from Punjab University.
Surraya Khan entry into the Pukhtu film industry was accidental. It was in 1971 when she was visiting a film studio in Lahore along with her high school class fellows that she got an offer from pukhtu film Director Mumtaz Ali Khan to act in pashto film Dara Khyber. Mumtaz Ali Khan communicated the offer through Surraya Khan's high school principal who was leading the high school tour that day to the studio. After permission from her family members, she accepted the role, and thus started a film career that has continued till this day. So far, Surraya Khan has played various roles, mainly as heroine, in about 150 pashto movies, and the march to fullfilment continues. In addition to acting, Surraya Khan has produced many movies, including [ZAR TAJA] that became very popular because of its great story and songs.
Her favorite directors include Mumtaz Ali Khan, Saeed -Un-Naskh Saeedi, and Aziz Tabassum. Her favorite singers are Khyal Muhammad and Gulnar Begum. Because she belongs to a religious Shia family, early on she had decided to avoid objectionable film roles.
Source of Information: Conversation with AnwarGul.
No. Year Films Language Actors
1 1971 Darra Khaibar Pashto Surayya Khan, Asif Khan
2 1972 Alaqa Ghair Pashto Surayya Khan, Badar Munir, Jehanzeb
2 1972 Ghazi Kaka Pashto Surayya Khan, Asif Khan, Hamayun Qureshi
2 1972 MehJabeene Pashto Yasmin Khan, Asif Khan, Surayya Khan
2 1972 Zamabadal Pashto Surayya Khan, Asif Khan, UmarDraz
2 1975 Baaghi Pashto Surayya Khan, Badar Munir
2 1975 Zartaja Pashto Surayya Khan, Asif Khan
2 1976 Kafirstan Pashto Surayya Khan, Badar Munir
2 1978 Ilzam Pashto Surayya Khan, Badar Munir
2 1978 Zama Ghairat Pashto Surayya Khan, Amman
2 1981 Chamnai Khan Pashto Surayya Khan, Badar Munir
2 1982 Gull Sanga Pashto Surayya Khan, Asif Khan, Nimmi

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