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About Jameela Razzaq

Female actress Jameela Razzaq from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood



Jameela Razzaq Actress Pictures Interview Biography

Jameela Razzaq's mother was an extraordinarily beautiful actress Sultana from the days of silent films, who was the elder sister of Zubaida, the heroine of the first talkie film (Alam Ara) in India. Sultana worked in many silent films like Veer Abhimanyu, Gul-e-Bakavali, Kala Naag, Prithvi Vallabh. In Pakistan Sultana produced a film Ham Aik Hain, but it was a flop film. (by Mohammed Ayub Qureshi)

Jameela Razzaq's filmography:
No. Year Films Language Actors
1 1955 Intekhab Urdu Jameela Razzaq, Masood, Nayyar Sultana, A. Shah
2 1956 Funkar Urdu Khursheed, Pervez, Jameela Razzaq, Butt Kashar
3 1958 Neya Dour Urdu Jameela Razzaq, Aslam Pervez, Neelo, Diljeet Mirza
4 1959 Faisala Urdu Shamim Ara, Yousuf, Jameela Razzaq, Lehri, Baby Deeba
5 1960 Yeh Duniya Urdu Jameela Razzaq, Talish, Lehri, Rukhsana, Aqil
6 1960 Aur bhi gham hain Urdu Jameela Razzaq, Asad Jaafri, Lehri, Neelma
7 1961 Gul Bakavli Urdu Jameela Razzaq, Sudhir, Ilyas
8 1961 Ham ek hain Urdu Jameela Razzaq, Aslam, Asha, Lehri, Azad
9 1962 Inqalab Urdu Jameela Razzaq, Habib, Shamim Ara, Rashdi
10 1963 Ishq par zor nahin Urdu Jameela Razzaq, Aslam Pervez, Yasmin, Babbo, Azad, Ilyas

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