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About Trannum

Female actress Trannum from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood

Supporting Heroine


Trannum Actress Pictures Interview Biography

Her face (like Ghazala) was resembled with Zeba and she also tried to make her hairstyle and dresses like Zeba. At the starting of her career, her pictures (photos) seems to be Zeba's.
Filmography of Trannum:
No. Year Films Language Actors
1 1964 Maa ka pyar Urdu Rukhsana, Habib, Sabira Sultana, Asad Bukhari, Trannum, ChhamChham, Sikndar, Adeeb, Sultan Rahi, Tamanna
2 1965 Arzoo Urdu Trannum, Hanif, Talat Sidiqqi
3 1965 Ishq-e-Habib Urdu Talat, Ibrahim Nafees, Tarana, Trannum
4 1966 Armaan Urdu Zeba, Waheed Murad, Nirala, Trannum, Rozina, Bibbo & Zahoor Ahmad
5 1966 Honhaar Urdu Rukhsana, Shakeel, Trannum, Kemal Irani
6 1967 Aag Urdu Zeba, Mohammad Ali, Lehri, Sabiha, Santosh, Trannum Aslam Pervez
7 1969 Ghar Damaad Urdu Deeba, Kemal, Nirala, Trannum
8 1970 Jhuk geya Aasman Urdu Trannum, Moodi, Kemal Irani
9 1972 Badguman Urdu Trannum, Habib, Asad Bukhari
10 1974 Pathar ke Sanam Urdu Sangeeta, Mehmood, Hanif, Trannum

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