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About Nabeela

Female actress Nabeela from Pakistan, famous due to film

Character Actor


Nabeela Actor Pictures Interview Biography

First film: Dulhan (Urdu - 1963)
Last film:
She was the supporting actress of 60's and 70's. She will be remembered for her best performance in film Badnam (1966), a film based on Saadat Hassan Minto's short story "Jhumkey". One of the evergreen song sung by Surraya Multanikar "Bare be murrawat hain yeh husn wale.." was picturized on her.
Other films Aashyana (1964), Woh koun thi (1966) Hamraz (1967), Karishma, Choda saal, Saiqa, Babul da whaira, Jag beeti, Maila do din da, Kanjoos and Awara (1968),Choudhween sadi, Lachi, Shairan dey puttar shair, Mahman and Jagoo (1969), Badnaloon badnam bura, Bhai chara, Man puttar, Dil dian lagyan, Tikka mathey da (1970), Khazanchi, Bazeegar, Waris,(1971), Khushia, Rangeela aashiq, Vicharya saathi and Ziddi (1973), Sohna mukhra (1974), Akhar, Hukam da ghulam (1976), Danda (1977) and Mohabbat aur majboori (1981).
(by Mohammed Ayub Qureshi, Saudi Ariabia) ..

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