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About Sana

Female actress Sana from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood

Super Hit Pakistani Actress


Sana Actress Picture Interview Biography

Sana is lollywood film heroine. She have successful film career. She is beautiful and very good actress. Sana is one of the more successful Punjabi/Urdu film heroines of Pakistan. She started her showbiz career as TV actress. She was introduced in Lollywood by director Syed Noor in his hit film Sangam in 1997. She was soon accepted in film circles due to her amicable nature. She worled with famous Pakistani actor and director Javed Shiekh who trust on sana very much .Sana is very popular in Pakistan. Sana's Movie with Moammar Rana film Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa, directed by Javed Sheikh was a super hit film. Sana film movies are very papulor and she is in demand now. She also received offers from bollywood

First film: Bazar band karo (Urdu - 1996)
No. Year Films Language Actors
1 1996 Raja Sahib Urdu Sahiba, Adil Murad, Sana
2 1996 Too cheez bari hai mast mast Urdu Sahiba, Jan Rambo, Sana
3 1998 Suhag Punjabi Saima, Yousuf Khan Khan, Sana
4 1998 Too Chor main Sipahi Urdu Sana, Jan Rambo, Mohsin Khan
5 1999 Mujhe jeene do Urdu Meera, Babur Ali, Sana
6 2000 Ghar kab ao ge Urdu Saima, Shaan, Sana
7 2000 Ham Khilari pyar ke Urdu Neeli, Shaan, Sana
8 2000 Jug Mahi Punjabi Sana, Shaan, Anjuman
9 2000 No Paisa No Problem Urdu Noor, Hamyun Saeed, Sana
10 2000 Peengan Punjabi Anjuman, Saud, Sana
11 2000 Reshman Punjabi Sana, Moamar Rana, Sana
12 2000 Sultana Daku Urdu Saima, Shaan, Sana
13 2000 Aag ka Darya Urdu Noor, Shaan, Sana
14 2001 Badmash Punjabi Sana, Saud, Noor
15 2001 Hakoomat Urdu Saima, Shaan, Sana
16 2001 Makha Jatt Punjabi Sana, Shaan, Babur Ali
17 2001 Mehar Badshah Punjabi Sana, Shaan, Yousuf Khan
18 2001 Mera Mahi Punjabi Reema, Saud, Sana
19 2001 Mere Mehboob Urdu Resham, Shaan, Sana
20 2001 Musalman Urdu Sana, Shaan, Meera
21 2001 Nizam Lohar Punjabi Sana, Saud, Noor
22 2001 Aasoo Billa Punjabi Sana, Shaan, Babur Ali
23 2002 Badmash te Qanoon Punjabi Sana, Shaan, Babur Ali
24 2002 Baghawat Urdu Sana, Shaan, Nirma
25 2002 Border Urdu Sana, Shaan, Reema
26 2002 Chiragh Bali Punjabi Sana, Shaan, Babur Ali
27 2002 Ishtehari Urdu Sana, Shaan, Laila
28 2002 Jagga Tax Punjabi Saima, Shaan, Sana
29 2002 Majhu da wair Punjabi Sana, Shaan, Reema
30 2002 Manila ke Jasoos Urdu Sana, Shaan, Babur Ali
31 2002 Veryam Punjabi Saima, Shaan, Babur Ali, Sana, Shafqat Cheema
32 2002 Yeh Dil Aapka hua Urdu Sana, Moamar Rana, Saleem Sheikh, Veena Malik, Babur Ali, Javed Sheikh, Shafaqt Cheema, Ismael Tara
33 2003 Darindah Urdu Sana, Shaan, Reema
34 2003 Foja Amritsaria Punjabi Sana, Shaan, Reema
35 2003 Halaku Urdu Sana, Shaan, Babur Ali
36 2003 Kaliya Urdu Sana, Shaan, Nirma
37 2003 Lara Punjab da Punjabi Saima, Shaan, Sana
38 2003 Pyar hi pyar mein Urdu Sana, Shaan, Laila
39 2003 Shagna di Mehndi Punjabi Sana, Shaan, Babur Ali
40 2003 Sher Puttar Punjabi Sana, Shaan, Babur Ali
41 2004 Jan leva Urdu Sana, Moamar Rana
42 2004 Medan Punjabi Sana, Shaan, Babur Ali
43 2004 Munna Bhai Punjabi Sana, Shaan, Moamar Rana
44 2004 Pagri sanbhal Jatta Punjabi Sana, Moamar Rana, Saud
45 2004 Sassi Punnu Urdu Sana, Moamar Rana
46 2004 Wehshi Haseena Urdu Sana, Shaan, Moamar Rana
47 2005 Daku Haseena Punjabi Sana, Shaan, Babur Ali
48 2005 Khatarnaak Punjabi Sana, Shaan, Saud, Shafqat
49 2005 Parcham Urdu Sana, Shaan, Arbaz Khan, Izhar Qazi
50 2005 Sohna Yaar Punjabi Punjabi Sana, Shamyl Khan, Babur Ali
51 2005 Ziddi Rajput Punjabi Sana, Shaan, Saud, Shafqat

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