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About Rani

Female actress Rani from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood



Rani Actress Pictures Interview Biography

First film: Mehboob (Urdu - 1962)
Last film: Yohnavey (Pashto - 1991)
Top class all round actress in both Urdu and Punjabi films who served long time as film heroine in Pakistan. Anwar Kamal Pasha, a veteran film director of the 50's and 60's introduced Rani in film Mehboob in 1962 and further few years Rani acted minor or supporting roles in some films like Mouj Maila, Ek Tera Sahara and Safaid Khoon etc. Till 1965 she worked in other films as heroine but all films gone flops and after a row of flops, she was dubbed a jinxed actress.
With the success of Hazar Dastan and Dever Bhabi, Rani embarked on the road to fame and stardom in a big way. Some of her memorable films are Chann Makhna, Sajjan Pyara, Jind Jan, Duniya Matlib di, Anjuman, Tehzeeb, Umrao Jan ada, Naag Muuni, Seeta Mariam Margaret and Ik Gunah aur sahi. She also acted in two TV serials Khowahish and Faraib in early 90's.
Rani's real name was Nasira. She was born on December 8, 1946 in Muzang, Lahore. Her father was a driver of Mukhtar Begum - the wife of Agha Hashar Kashmiri and sister of Malka-e-Ghazal Fareeda Khanum. Mukhtar Begum took over Rani for proper upbringing. Mukhtar Begum was a singer herself, settled in Karachi and wanted Rani to follow, but Rani's voice was not suitable as singer. Rani was interested in dancing and as she fulfilled through her films. Mukhtar Begum gave the film name Rani and it was also Mukhtar Begum who gave Noor Jehan her screen name from Allah Wasai.
Rani's first love was Kemal but could not get married due to some reasons. When Rani got name, fame and wealth, her mother resumed her relationship with her daugher. During the absence of Mukhtar Begum (out of Pakistan for treatment), Rani moved to another house with her mother. When Mukhtar Begum returned from abroad, she was shocked to know that Rani had left her, but it was her love for Rani that she never emptied Rani's room of her belongings.
Rani married thrice in her lifetime. First to top film director Hassan Tariq who divorced her in the 70s. Just after her marriage with an Industrialist, producer and Babur Cinema owner Mian Javed Qamar from Faisalabad, it was discovered that Rani had cancer. After knowing this Javed Qamer divorced her. During the treatment in London, she met famous crickter fast bowler Sarfaraz Nawaz and married with her but later they went their seperate ways.
At the last days of her life at the hospital's bed, the only thing that kept Rani going was the wish to see her daughter married off and once that was done, she died just a few days after Rabia's (Rani's daughter) marriage to Dr. Anwar.
After exactly 33 days of Rani's death, her mother who was seriously sick and never knew of her daughter's death, also passed away. Rani's only sister also died three months later.
(by Mohammed Ayub Qureshi, Saudi Arabia)

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