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About Kashinath

Male actor Kashinath from India, famous due to bollywood

Director and Actor


Kashinath Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Kashinath is an actor and a director in the Kannada film industry in India. He has opened the door for other promising directors like Upendra, Manohar and Sunil Kumar Desai. Kashinath is identified as a trend setter in Kannada movie industry.He started the trend of acting, directing, music directing and the producing of films. The film industry was stunned by the success of films made by Kashinath due to his unconventional style. He gave chances to youngsters who made themselves names in Kannada and throughout the Indian film industry. He touched subjects which were taboo in Indian society through his films, though they were considered vulgar by some critics. His well known films are Anubhava ,Anantana Avantara & Hendathi Andhray Haygirabeku.The dialogue which he used in his movies "Manglooru manjunatha" is very popular.Some scenes from his films have been copied by the advertising fraternity.


No. of Films produced: 11- Kannada, 1-Hindi, 1-Telugu (Total-13)

No. of Films written and Directed: 13- Kannada, 2-Hindi, 1-Telugu (Total-16)

No. of Dialogues: 7 - Kannada

No. of Lyrics: 3 - Kannada

Music Direction: 1 - kannada, 1-Telugu (Total-2)

Acting: 36 - Kannada, 1-Telugu (Total-37)

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