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About Kamini Kaushal

Female actress Kamini Kaushal from India, famous due to bollywood

television actress


Kamini Kaushal Actress Pictures Interview Biography

Kamini Kaushal (born 16 January, 1927) is an Hindi film and television actress, most noted for her roles in films like, Neecha Nagar (1946) which won the 1946 Palme d'Or (Golden Palm) at Cannes Film Festival, and Biraj Bahu (1955), which won her the Filmfare Best Actress Award in 1955.

Early life

Kaushal was born to a Botanist and Professor at Govt. College Lahore, now Lahore University, Pakistan. She did her B.A. (honours) in English literature from Kinnaird College in Lahore, British India now Pakistan. Her sister died leaving behind very young children and Uma married (or was made to marry) her sisterís husband. Her husband, Sood was an officer in the Bombay Port Trust.


There is also a mention of her having been a stage actress in Delhi. She worked as a radio artist before she was discovered by Chetan Anand as the lead for his film Neecha Nagar. This movie was done before her marriage and released in 1946.

After Neecha Nagar she returned to Lahore, and after marriage settled in Bombay, soon offers started coming in, and in the coming decades Kamini Kaushal worked with all the top leading men of her time such as Ashok Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar ('Shaheed' (1948), 'Nadiya Ke Paar' (1949), 'Shabnam' (1949) and 'Arzoo' (1950).)

In 1965 she moved to playing character roles with a film called Shaheed . As a character artist she was a fixture in seven Manoj Kumar films right up to Dus Numbari in 1976. She has had a long stint in films with releases right up to 2003. She made the transition to character roles very easily and has excelled in them ever since.

Dilip Kumar in his biography has admitted his attraction to her. He said that she was his first love. There were rumors of an affair between the two. But there is no source giving her side of the story or of her acknowledgement of the same.

She also stepped into writing childrenís stories. Her stories used to be published in the children's magazine "Paraag" and she dabbled in television doing serials like "Chand Sitare" on Doordarshan, and in 1986, she made an animation film "Meri Pari".

At present she works in the highly popular serial, "Shanno Ki Shaadi" on STAR Plus. She plays the role of Bebe, the grandmother of Shanno, the main protagonist played by Divya Dutta.


1956: Filmfare Best Actress Award: Biraj Bahu

Acting Filmography
Neecha Nagar (1946) {{{Role}}}
Jail Yatra (1947) {{{Role}}}
Do Bhai (1947) {{{Role}}}
Aag (1948) {{{Role}}}
Ziddi (1948) {{{Role}}}
Shaheed (1948) {{{Role}}}
Pugree (1948) {{{Role}}}
Nadiya Ke Paar (1948) {{{Role}}}
Shair (1949) {{{Role}}}
Shabnam (1949) {{{Role}}}
Rakhi (1949) {{{Role}}}
Paras (1949) {{{Role}}}
Namoona (1949) {{{Role}}}
Arzoo (1950) {{{Role}}}
Bikhre Moti (1951) {{{Role}}}
Poonam (1952) {{{Role}}}
Shahenshah (1953) {{{Role}}}
Raja Ratan (1953) {{{Role}}}
Jhanjaar (1953) {{{Role}}}
Aansu (1953) {{{Role}}}
Aas (1953) {{{Role}}}
Chalis Baba Ek Chor (1954) {{{Role}}}
Biraj Bahu (1954) {{{Role}}}
Sangam (1954) {{{Role}}}
Radha Krishna (1954) {{{Role}}}
Aabru (1956) {{{Role}}}
Bade Sarkaar (1957) {{{Role}}}
Bada Bhai (1957) {{{Role}}}
Night Club (1958) {{{Role}}}
Jailor (1958) {{{Role}}}
Great Show of India (1958) {{{Role}}}
Bank Manager (1959) {{{Role}}}
Go Daan (1963) {{{Role}}}
Shaheed (1965) {{{Role}}}
Janam Janam Ke Saathi (1965) {{{Role}}}
Bheegi Raat (1965) {{{Role}}}
Upkaar (1967) {{{Role}}}
Aanchal Ke Phool (1968) {{{Role}}}
Waris (1969) {{{Role}}}
Vishwaas (1969) {{{Role}}}
Meri Bhabhi (1969) {{{Role}}}
Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati (1969) {{{Role}}}
Do Raaste (1969) {{{Role}}}
Beti (1969) {{{Role}}}
Yakeen (1969) {{{Role}}}
Yaadgaar (1970) {{{Role}}}
Purab Aur Paschim (1970) {{{Role}}}
Ishq Par Zor Nahin (1970) {{{Role}}}
Heer Raanjha (1970) {{{Role}}}
Dharti (1970) {{{Role}}}
Uphaar (1971) {{{Role}}}
Bhikhre Moti (1971) {{{Role}}}
Tangewala (1972) {{{Role}}}
Shor (1972) {{{Role}}}
Haar Jeet (1972) {{{Role}}}
Ek Muthi Aasman (1973) {{{Role}}}
Anhonee (1973) {{{Role}}}
Roti Kapda Aur Makaan (1974) {{{Role}}}
Prem Nagar (1974) {{{Role}}}
Do Jhoot (1975) {{{Role}}}
Sanyasi (1975) {{{Role}}}
Qaid (1975) {{{Role}}}
Apne Rang Hazaar (1975) {{{Role}}}
Nehle Pe Dehla (1976) {{{Role}}}
Maha Chor (1976) {{{Role}}}
Kabeela (1976) {{{Role}}}
Dus Numbri (1976) {{{Role}}}
Bhanwar (1976) {{{Role}}}
Chandi Sona (1977) {{{Role}}}
Gyanji (1977) {{{Role}}}
Swarag Narak (1978) {{{Role}}}
Rahu Ketu (1978) {{{Role}}}
Heeralal Pannalal (1978) {{{Role}}}
Dil aur Deewar (1978) {{{Role}}}
Ahutee (1978) {{{Role}}}
Bagula Bhagat (1979) {{{Role}}}
Ahinsa (1979) {{{Role}}}
Takkar (1980) {{{Role}}}
Do Shatru (1980) {{{Role}}}
Jalwa (1987) {{{Role}}}
Gulami Ki Zanjeerain (1987) {{{Role}}}
Santosh (1989) {{{Role}}}
Deshwasi (1991) {{{Role}}}
Hamshakal (1992) {{{Role}}}
Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega (2003) {{{Role}}}
Chori Chori (2003) {{{Role}}}
Hawayein (2003) {{{Role}}}
Laaga Chunari Mein Daag (2007) {{{Role}}}

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