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About Vijayasree

Female actress Vijayasree from India, famous due to bollywood



Vijayasree actress

Vijayasree (Vijayashree or Vijayasri) was a Malayalam film actress from India in the 1970s.

She gained popularity due to her beauty and voluptuous body, and (relative to other contemporaries) her lack of inhibition in exposing skin. Her most famous films are Angathattu (Dir: Sankaran Nair; Pro: Assem Company), Arumalunni, Ponnapuram Kotta (both by Kunjakko, Udaya Studio). In all these films, she starred opposite Prem Nazir. During the course of her career, rather at the end, she parted ways with Udaya Studio.

Unfortunately she committed suicide at a very young age the probable cause of which has been suspected to be her perceived exploitation by forces within the Malayalam film industry of the time.

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