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About Saima Khan

Female dancer Saima Khan from Pakistan, famous due to other

Hot Actress and Stage Dancer


Saima Khan Actress Picture Interview Biography

Saima Khan is Pakistani film and stage Actress. She is pretty and attractive. She is very good actress and dancer. Saima Khan is very good dancer of stage. She got popularity by her bold stage dance and her private Cd mujra dances. Saima khan did not get much successes in Pakistani film industry. Saima Khan is the most controversial actress because of her bold dance on stage and mujra CD's Saima Khan is very popular actress and dancer of stage. Saima Khan is one of popular stage dancer in Pakistan. Saima Khan mujra dance Cd's are also very popular. Saima Khan is bold and beautiful with very sexy figure. She is very nice actress and very good dancer. Saima Khan is very popular in Lahore stage dramas dance lovers.

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 Dancer Saima Khan
Saima Khan is Pakistani film and stage A

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