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About Shaista Syed

Female dj Shaista Syed from Pakistan, famous due to radio

FM 100 DJ


Shaista Syed DJ Pictures Interview Biography

Date & Place Of Birth: 20th July (Islamabad)

Star Sign: Cancer

Profession: Cost & Management Accountant

First Live Show On Air: 1st, January 2003. (10:00 AM)

Motive In Life: to pass examination of life with flying colors.

Any Inspiration In Life: My Faith.

If Not a Dj Thenů: Who knows

Most Expensive Thing In Life: My loved ones.

Why FM100? Why not FM100?

Favorite Voice: Parrot's Voice.

Favorite Dish: Chicken & Eggs.

Favorite Location in Pakistan: Sea side (Karachi).

Favorite Dress: Any Dress which suits me.

Favorite Movie: Mr. Bean, My favorite cartoon (Pink Panther).

Favorite Music: Soft / Sentimental.

Which Thing Makes You Smile? Smile.

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