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About Kaka Bhaniawala

Male singer Kaka Bhaniawala from India, famous due to bollywood

Punjabi Bhangra Singer


Kaka Bhaniawala Singer Biography, Interview & Pictures

Kaka Bhaniawala (ਕਾਕਾ ਭੈਣੀਆਂਵਾਲਾ) real name Santokh Singh Rataurh was a Punjabi singer, born on 05/04/71 in Punjab and died on 12/04/09 in Ludhiana.

He was one of the most successful Punjabi singer of the modern era and often compared to Lehmber Hussainpuri.

Family Background

Kaka Bhaniawala was from a village in India called Bhani, represented within his name, meaning from Bhani (Bhaniawala). This village is located near Koom Kalan within the district of Ludhiana, Punjab.

The name 'Kaka' was a nickname presented to him by his mother. He took upon the nickname to be signature name on the stage.

Musical career

Kaka started out singing in India and released albums which brought him minor success. One of these albums was Vadia Sharabia. He later started singing for UK producers, such as Kiss 'N' Tell Productions, and Bally Rai. His major breakthrough in the UK Bhangra market came through the release of "Sahnevaal Chounk", the title track on the debut album of Specialist 'N' Tru-Skool, Word Is Born.

Following on from his success from that single, he went on to work with many other producers and continued his success. His solo album was in the process of being completed when he died. This album is still currently being completed and is due to release in 2011. It will feature production from the likes of Notorious Jatt, Tru-Skool, AMX and others.

He has had many successful hits with many famous artists including, Dj H, Dj Rags and many others


On April 12, 2009, it was announced worldwide Kaka Bhainawala had died of jaundice from liver failure in Ludhiana after going through a routine blood treatment. The loss was mourned by many in the bhangra industry and came as shock to many fans who did not expect the sudden loss.


After his death, a concert was held in Birmingham to raise money for his family based in India. Famous singers and producers from around the world came together to recognise pay tribute. After his death, numerous songs and albums were released featuring his voice as well as his presence in some of the music videos.

Singer Kaka Bhaniawala Photos

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