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About Mizraab

Male singer Mizraab from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood

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Mizraab Singer Profile & Picutres

Mizraab is Pakistani progressive rock and metal band and it is associated to Karachi from 1997. Faraz Anwar has founded this band, who is the lead guitarist, vocalist and song writer. This band is well known because it is one from few of the bands, which have brought progressive rock music in Pakistan. It has released its first ever music album, Mazi, Haal and Mustaqbil. This album was sold in over 30,000 copies and this is the most selling album of the band. Most of the songs of the band are written in Urdu and the music of the band contains with the reference to life, nature, death and the environment in which a person lives and also based on the worldly issues.

The music band, Mizraab received two nominations at Lux Style Awards for the best music album award in 2004 and the best music video award in 2008. This band has also received various nominations in Indus Music Awards and it received only four nominations in which they did not won any award till yet.

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