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About Reshma

Female singer Reshma from Pakistan, famous due to other

Pakistani Folk Singer


Reshma Singer Pictures Interview Biography

Reshma is folk singer of Pakistan. She was born in 1937. She did not have any formal education and does not know how to read or write, however she sings from her heart and has a huge fan base. Her most famous song is "Lambi Judai", sung for a Bollywood film Hero. Based in Lahore, she is an advocate of good relations between India and Pakistan. She traveled in the first bus from Lahore to Amritsar. Although she couldn't speak Urdu and Hindi properly but she sung some super hit songs in these languages. She is very popular in Pakistan and India.

There is the cry of yearning of the beloved, as she sighs for her lover.

There is the cry of man, as he seeks God.

And there is the anguished cry of Earth herself, at her cruel fate,exhausted, grieving, seeking release and redemption from her all- and ever-nurturing role, crying for the warmth of union in the divine family, even as she unfailingly persists in looking after the well-being of all living beings.

This is the voice of Reshma.Reshma's voice is the voice of the soil of Punjab, that providential land nourished by sunshine and rivers, that has produced such giants of human upliftment as Nanak and Bulle Shah. A rich land, whose songs evoke an imagery of lonely parched earth thirsty for the rain of union.

Her voice is the voice of Sind, the land of our source, home of the revered Jhulelal, that has historically served as a bridge between Hindu and Muslim.

Reshma's voice is the voice of the sand-dunes of Rajasthan, the desert, that has produced valourous warriors and builders of magnificent forts and palaces, cities and kingdoms, a land of wandering minstrels whose songs about the incomprehensibility of this confounding world verily drape the dunes, where brave, strong, suffering women glazed by the harsh and beautiful desert heave their sad sighs for release.

Reshma's voice is the voice of Pakistan, ... of India, of this cradle of human civilisation, sunk within a world mired in destructive madness. Reshma's voice is the voice of humanity, of the planet, identifying and expressing its most primal cry: a gasp for breath, a clutch at life, a stirring for survival, a plea for love.

Reshma's song, her voice, is that of Mother Earth, coming from deep, deep within the bowels of our consciousness, echoing hauntingly through the cold, dark, empty void of the universe, touching the core of our selves, invoking an awesome vision, of oneness, separation and reunion, helping us identify ourselves as earth's offspring, cosmic beings, live to both the devastating grief and the explosive joy that the human condition evokes.

Reshma calls for a cleansing and revitalising of humanity in today's nadir of devastation and inhumanity, so that the approaching millennium is one of genuine advance of the human spirit.

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