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About Sujatha Mohan

Female singer Sujatha Mohan from India, famous due to tollywood

Playback Singer


Sujatha Mohan Singer Biography, Interview & Pictures

Sujatha Mohan (Malayalam: സുജാത മോഹന്‍), usually credited as Sujatha, is an award-winning Indian playback singer who is popular for singing in Malayalam and Tamil movies. She has also sung for Telugu, Kannada and Hindi movies. She is widely popular for her evergreen melodies and her sweet voice is considered to be her biggest asset. She has nearly 4,000 songs to her credit.


Sujatha Mohan is the granddaughter of Parur T. K. Narayana Pillai, the first Chief Minister of the erstwhile Travancore-Cochin State after Independence. She is married to Dr. Mohan. Her only daughter, Shweta Mohan, is also a singer. Shweta is married to Ashwin from Trivandrum.


Sujatha was shot to fame in the seventies as Baby Sujatha, the schoolgirl who regularly used to sing with K. J. Yesudas in his stage shows all over the world. She recorded her first song, "Kannezhuthy Pottuthottu" when she was in sixth standard. The song was composed by M. K. Arjunan for the 1975 Malayalam movie Tourist Bungalow. She recorded songs for Shyam in Kamam Krodham Moham and Salil Chowdhury in Aparadhi. Around this time, composer M. G. Radhakrishnan got her to record many non-film songs; the biggest hit among them was "Odakkuzhal Vili".

She debuted in Tamil through the song "Kaadhal Oviyam Kandein" from Kavikuyil (1977), tuned in Hameer Kalyani raga by Illayaraja, but it was not included in the film. Her first released song in Tamil was "Kalai Paniyil" from the Tamil film Gayathri (1977), starring Sridevi and Rajinikanth with music by Ilaiyaraja. She sang for Ilaiyaraaja in Johnny, Kavikuyil and Ilamai Kolangal. After her marriage in 1981, she took a sabbatical from playback singing. She made a successful comeback in 1988 through Kadathanadan Ambadi, followed by the superhit Chithram.

She used to sing ad jingles in the late 1980s for A. R. Rahman (such as a Premire Cokker and Tilda Rice ads). Then, Rahman got her to sing "Pudhu Vellai Mazhai" from Mani Ratnam's 1992 film Roja, which became one of the biggest hit songs in India. The backing vocals for the song "Kadhal Roja" were also performed by Sujatha. She has had other hit songs, most of them with Rahman from films including Pudhiya Mugam (1992), Gentleman (1993), Jeans and Minsaara Kanavu (1997). She has also recorded some songs in Hindi, including "Dil Hai Sanam" (the Hindi version of "Thee Thee") from Chor Chor (Thiruda Thiruda), "Ishq Bina" from Taal, "Hai Jaana" from Pukar and "Ishwar Allah" from Earth, and provided backing vocals for the song "Tum Ho Meri Nigahom" from Kabhi Na Kabhi, all of them composed by A. R. Rahman. She has had many of her notable and successful songs under the musical direction of A. R. Rahman.

She had a strong comeback in the Malayalam film industry in the mid-1990s and most of her notable Malayalam songs were composed by Vidyasagar. Most of her hit songs from Telugu are composed by Mani Sharma.


Sujatha has received several awards and recognitions for her work in the South Indian film musical world.

Kerala State Film Awards:

* 2008 - Best Female Playback Singer - "Bansuri" from Rathri Mazha
* 1999 - Best Female Playback Singer - "Varamanjaladiya" from Pranayavarnangal
* 1996 - Best Female Playback Singer - "Pranayamanithooval" from Azhakiya Ravanan

Tamil Nadu State Film Awards:

* 2001 - Best Female Playback Singer - "Un Samayal Arayil" from Dhill
* 1996 - Best Female Playback Singer - "Poo Pookkum Oosai" from Minsara Kanavu
* 1993 - Best Female Playback Singer - "Netru Illatha Maatram" from Pudhiya Mugam

Asianet Film Awards:

* 2004 - Best Female Playback - "Kandu Kandu" from Mampazhakkalam
* 2001 - Best Female Playback - "Perariya" from Soothradharan

Other prominent awards:

* 2009 - Swaralaya Yesudas Award
* Best female singer award in GMMA (Gulf Malayalam Music Awards) 2008
* Film Critics Award For Best Female Playback - 13 times
* Cinema Express award 2005
* Dinakaran award 2005
* screen videocon award - best female singer award 2005
* swaralaya viswas award - best female playback singer 2005
* Vanitha award 2004
* Mathrubhoomi Award 2004
* Raju Pilakkad Film Award
* She was a hot contestant for National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer in the years 1997 and 2007, for the songs "Poo Pookkum Oosai" (Minsara Kanavu) and "Thattam Pidichu" (Paradesi) respectively.
* Sujatha has been widely recognised by the Tamilnadu and Kerala state governments as well as by private, public and media corporates around India.

Popular songs


* "Doore Kizhakudikkum" from Chithram
* "Kadume Nadumellam" from Chithram
* "Kunu Kune" from Yodha
* "Pranayamanithooval" from Azhakiya Ravanan
* "Ethrayo Janmamayi" from Summer in Bethlahem
* "Varamanjaladiya" from Pranayavarnangal
* "Kakkakarumban" from Ee Puzhayum Kadannu
* "Perariya" from Soothradharan
* "Manju Peyyanu" from Chandranudikkunna Dikhil
* "Marannittum" from Randaam Bhavam
* "Onnam Kili" from Kilichundan Mampazham
* "Kandu Kandu" from Mampazhakkalam
* "Karumizhi Kuruvi" from Meesa Madhavan
* "Thattam Pidichu" from Paradesi
* "Aaroraal Pularmazhayil" from Pattalam
* "Juneile Nilamazhayil" from Nammal Thammil
* "Kallayi kadavathu" from Perumazhakaalam


* "Paruvam Vaanaga" from Roja
* "Na Cheli Rojave" from Roja
* "Naathora Tamashalalo" from Ninne Pelladutha
* "Sorry Sorry Sorry" from Bavagaru Bagunnara
* "Cheppave Chirugaali" from Okkadu
* "Gola Gola Rangola" from Ashok
* "Jada Thoti kodithe" from Lakshmi Narasimha
* "Kannu Kottina" from Balu
* "Manasa Vacha Manasisthe" from Iddaru Mitrulu
* "Sukku Sukku" from Lakshyam
* "Abbabba Iddu" from Choodalani Vundi
* "Yem Pilla Kusalama" from Chennakeshava Reddy
* "Shukriya Shukriya" from Nuvve Kavali
* "Sundari" from Amrutha
* "Swagatham" from Sivaramaraj
* "Raja Hamsavo" from Ganesh
* "Gutthonkaya" from Kalyana Ramudu
* "Chiguraku Chatu Chilaka" from Gudumba Shankar
* "Ne Style Nakishtam" from Raghavendra
* "Gusa Gusale Gumma Mamillu" from Annayya
* "Mokka Jonna Thota" from Subhash Chandra Bose
* "Ele Ele Maradala" from Annamayya
* "Entha Pani Chesindi Prema" from Dongadu
* "Kolo Koloyamma Kolo" from Abhimanyu


* "Dil Hai Sanam" Chor Chor (Thiruda Thiruda Hindi version)
* "Ishq Bina Kya" from Taal
* "Hai Jaana" from Pukar
* "Tum Ho Meri Nigahom" from Kabhi Na Kabhi
* "Ishwar Allah" from 1947 Earth
* "kal nahin tha" from vishwa vidatha

Malayalam Christian Songs

* Kaval Malakhamare Snehapratheekam
* Ponnu Meera Kunthirikkam
* Alakadalum Kuliralayum

Malayalam album songs

* Kayalthirakalil kanneeralakalil from "KULIRMAZHAYAI"-2011
* Ravereyayittum from Pranayamarmaram - 2009
* Ee Manjil from Spandanam - 2010
* Ennennum -2010

Online Initiative

Sujatha was among the first mainstream artists to support the Acethetik initiative, along with M Jayachandran, Madhu Balakrishnan, M G Sreekumar. She recorded "Manju Puthappil" and other songs for the website.

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