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General Technical Requirements Detail

Television Technical Requirements to watch TV at are different for each link provided at, please make sure to have specific software installed on your computer as per requirement of live streaming link. Here are general guidance about most comon software that needs to be installed on your computer to watch most of the tv streams available.

General Guidance to Watch External TV / Radio Streams

1- Windows Media Player
If you are watching this stream in Firefox then make sure you have installed Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin, Click here for download

2- Real Media Player
Some TV streams may needed Real Media Player to be installed on your computer. Latest version of Real Media Player can be installed from here:
Download Real Media Player

3- Flash Player
Some TV streams may needed Flash Player to be installed on your PC. Latest version of Flash Player can be installed from here:
Download Flash Player

4- Winamp Player
Some Radio streams may require winamp player to run radio streams. Latest version of Winamp Player can be installed from here:
Download Winamp Player

1- Use browser like Internet Explorer / Firefox or any other popular internet browser. Some TV streams may only work in Internet Explorer (IE).
2- If while playing tv stream a browser automatically demands for some plugin to install, please make sure to install it to run that tv particular stream.
2- A high speed internet connection is required. Broadband internet is recommended.

If you receive a "Ready" message when playing through firefox/IE, please update your browser to the latest version, install all latest software/plugins needed and make sure your have high speed broadband internet available. Sometimes if too many people are watching a particular tv stream, you may need to refresh the page, or visit after some time.

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