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About Faisal hero

Male actor Faisal hero from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood



Faisal hero Actor Pictures Interview Biography

First film: Nahin Abhi Nahin (Urdu - 1980)
Faisal is the only hero whose first consecutive 9 films celebrated big jubilees. Nahin Abhi Nahin (1980 - Golden Jubilee), Ala Din (1981 - Golden Jubilee) Ye zamana aur hai (1981 - Diamond Jubilee), Bivi ho to aisi (1982 - Diamond Jubilee), Love story (1983 - Platinum Jubilee), Nadani (1983 - Golden Jubilee), Tina (1983 - Platinum Jubilee), Doorian (1984 - Golden Jubilee) and Miss Colombo (1984 - Platinum Jubilee).
He is the son of famous film camera man Masood-ur-Rehman and Indian veteran actor Rehman was his uncle who acted in many films like Choudhween ka chand, Main chup rahoongi. (by Waseem Khawar and Mohammed Ayub Qureshi, Saudi Arabia)

Filmography of Faisal:
No. Year Films Language Actors
1 1980 Nahin abhi nahin Urdu Shabnam, Faisal, Ayaz, Sabiha, Talish
2 1981 Alladin Urdu Babra Sharif, Faisal, Talish
3 1981 Wafa Urdu Babra Sharif, Asif Raza Mir, Faisal
4 1981 Yeh Zamana aur hai Urdu Babra Sharif, Faisal, Ayaz
5 1982 Bivi ho to aisi ho Urdu Shabnam, Shafi Mohammad, Faisal, Lehri
6 1982 Saharey Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Nisho, Faisal
7 1983 Love Story Urdu Laila, Faisal, Talish
8 1983 Nadani Urdu Babita, Faisal, Lehri
9 1983 Teena Urdu Babra Sharif, Faisal, Waseem
10 1984 Doorian Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Faisal, Talish
11 1984 Miss Colombo Urdu Babra Sharif, Faisal, Javed Sheikh
12 1985 Jeenay nahin dungi Urdu Sangeeta, Faisal, Javed Sheikh
13 1985 Jeeney nahin dun gi Urdu Sangeeta, Javed Sheikh, Mohd Ali, Faisal
14 1985 Mehak Urdu Babra, Faisal, Sabiha, Zamurrad, Mohd Ali
15 1985 Miss Singapore Urdu Babra Sharif, Faisal, Nanha
16 1985 Naraz Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Faisal, Arifa, Tailsh
17 1985 Palkon ki chhaon mein Urdu Babra Sharif, Faisal, Ayaz
18 1986 Agar tum na hotey Urdu Anuja, Noutan, Faisal
19 1986 Be-qarar Urdu Babra Sharif, Faisal, Sheri
20 1986 Baat ban jaye Urdu Sangeeta, Mohd Ali, Musarrat, Faisal, Svera
21 1986 Dhanak Urdu Sonia, Faisal, Arifa
22 1987 Griban Urdu Babra Sharif, Faisal, Firdous
23 1987 Qasm Munney ki Urdu Babra Sharif, Faisal, Sangeeta, Mohd Ali
24 1988 Chakkar Urdu Babra Sharif, Faisal, Kaveeta
25 1991 Aandhi Urdu Shabana, Nadeem, Kavita, Faisal, Afzaal
26 1999 Guns & Roses Urdu Meera, Shaan, Faisal

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