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About Bibbo

Male actor Bibbo from Pakistan, famous due to film

Character Actor


Bibbo Actor Pictures Interview Biography

First film (in Pakistan): Shammi (Punjabi - 1950)
Last film: Buzdil (Urdu - 1969)
Her real name was Ishrat Sultana and she was very famous, graceful and a rich film actress of the 30's and 40's in India. It is known that her shoes were studded with diamonds and whenever she entered in any shop for shopping spent a lot of money there. Rajey Maharajey and Nawabs at that time were in her fan's list. She also had relations to the Prime Minister (or Deevan) of Pakistan's ex-state of Junagarh Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto, the father of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who allotted a plot to her in the 70s. (Junagarh was a small state, located on the coast of Indian province of Gujarat. Accession of Junagarh to Pakistan happened on September 5, 1947 and the Indian forces occupied this Hindu majority state on November 9, 1947).
The last days of Bibbo's life were very miserable and poverty stricken. At the time of her death in Karachi, no one was around her to drop some juice in her mouth.
Her famous films in India were Maya jal and Mirza sahiban (1933), Mill mazdoor, Sair-e-paristan and Dasoo data (1934), Piar kee maar (1935), Ghareeb parwar and Manmohan (1936) Qazzaq jee karju and Sagar ka shair (1937) Gramo phone singer, Watan, Bholey bhaley and Ladies only (1938), Lakshami and Suhag (1940), Akela and Mera raja (1941), Barey nawab saheb (1946).
She migrated to Pakistan in the early 50's and worked as character actress in films till 60's. (by Mohammed Ayub Qureshi, Saudi Arabia)

Filmography of Bibbo's Pakistani films:
No. Year Films Language Actors
1 1950 Shammi Punjabi Shammi, Santosh, Ajmal, Shola, Bibbo, Ghulam Mohammad
2 1952 Dopatta Urdu Noor Jehan, Ajay Kumar, Sudhir, Yasmin, Ghulam Muhammad, Bibbo, Nafees Begam, Saeed, Azad
3 1953 Gulnaar Urdu Noor Jehan, Santosh, Bibbo, Zarif, Shahnawaz
4 1954 Sassi Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Asha, Nazar, Salim Raza and Bibbo
5 1955 Qatil Urdu Sabhia, Santosh, Musarrat Nazir, Aslam Pervez, Nayyer Sultana, Azad, Asif Ja, Ajmal, bibbo, Akmal
6 1955 Sohni Urdu Sabiha, Sudhir, Shammi, Zeenat, Nazar, Bibbo, Emi, A. Shah, Salim Raza, Hamliyawala
7 1956 Karnama Urdu Klawati, Luddan, Tammer, Bibbo, Sawan
8 1956 Kanwari Bewa Urdu Shamim Ara, Ayaz, Nazar, Bibbo, Azad
9 1958 Jan-e-Bahar Urdu Musarrat Nazir, Sudhir, Husna, Neelo, Bibbo, Luddan
10 1958 Zehr-e-Ishq Urdu Musarrat Nazir, Habib, Yasmin, Neelo, Bibbo
11 1959 Aaj kall Urdu Sabiha, Kemal, Rakhshi, Bibbo, Abbas Nosha
12 1963 Fanoos Urdu Komal, Suleman, Bibbo, Azad, Ilyas Kashmiri
13 1963 Ishq par zor nahin Urdu Jameela, Aslam Pervez, Yasmin, Bibbo, Azad, Ilyas
14 1963 Dulhan Urdu Shamim ara, Darpan, Habib, Nayyar sultana, Nabeela, Bibbo, Salma Mumtaz, Nasira and Lehri
15 1966 Armaan Urdu Zeba, Waheed Murad, Nirala, Trannum, Rozina, Bibbo, Zahoor Ahmad
16 1969 Buzdil Urdu Deeba, Habib, Ejaz, Bibbo

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