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About Nadeem

Male actor Nadeem from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood

Hero, Producer, Singer, Suppor


Nadeem Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Pakistani Film Heroes from the 1960's

First film: Chakori (Urdu - 1967)
After Mohammad Ali and Waheed Murad, Nadeem was the third best Urdu film hero in Pakistan...
Sangdil, Anaari, Pehchan, Talaash, Aaina, Nadaan, Hum Dono, Amber, Dil Laggi, Sangdil, Qurbani, Mehrbani, Sharafat, Mukhra, Abdulla The Great, Aroosa, Muhafiz...

Nadeem (Urdu: ﻢﻳﺪﻧ born Nazeer Baig Mughal in 1941) is a Pakistani film actor. He also acted in several telefilms and TV drama serials and anchored a prize-winning quiz show on ARY Digital. He has played leading roles in more than 200 films.

Early life

Nadeem was born in Vijaywada, Madras, British India. His real name is Nazeer Baig Mughal. After partition, he, at the age of 5, migrated with his father Mirza Abbas Baig from Hyderabad Deccan to Karachi. He got his early education from ??? School and then graduated from Islamia College, Karachi. At that time the Islamia Club was considered as the centre of great film and radio artists. Different musical competitions were organised to unveil the talent of college students. Artists like Talat Hussein, M. Zaheer Khan, TV producer Iqbal Haider, Aftab Azeem and Saleem Jafry were all discovered from that Club. Nadeem was also one of them. He had a friends circle with Ameer Ahmed Khan and Qasim Siddiqui and together they had won several music competitions. At one of those musical competitions, he was noticed by then famous singer Firdousi Begum. She was impressed by his singing talent and encouraged him to try his luck in playback singing in Dhaka's film industry.[1] Because of brilliant singing talent, he also got a chance to sing a song for an Urdu film Sehra, the music of which was composed by Nisar Bazmi, but unfortunately the film never released.

He travelled to Dhaka in a cultural trip organised by Islamia Club. There he got a chance to sing a song in Captain Ehtisham's new film Chakori. Captain was making a low budget black and white film as his previous colour film Sagar was flopped. At the time of casting, he chose Shabana as heroine and East Pakistani (Bengali) film actor Azeem as hero. But Azeem refused to work in the film because he was offered a very less fees. So he decided to give a chance to Nadeem in his film as hero, although which was contrary to his brother Mustafeez's will. The film was released on 19th May, 1967 in both East and West wings of Pakistan. The film became such a blockbuster that it make Nadeem a superstar in the overnight. The film also became the second 'Platinum Jubilee' film of Pakistan.

Nadeem may well be termed as the best thing that has happened to Pakistan film industry. Undoubtedly, his contribution towards the Cinema of Pakistan is worth written in the letters of gold in the history of Pakistan film industry. Nadeem not only continues to be the most ever popular Superstar, Hero and Performer in the 61 years long history of Pakistani Cinema, he has made everyone inside and outside Pakistan accept and appreciate his outstanding acting abilities and skills. The Presidential Award for Pride of Performance awarded to him is only one proof of this statement.

Nadeem shuttled between Karachi, Lahore and Dhaka to act in movies. In 1971 after the fall of Dhaka and formation of the Independent state of Bangladesh, he settled in Lahore which became his home. Now he shifted again from Lahore to KARACHI.

[edit] Career
Nadeemís film career spanning over 41 years is full of wonderful achievements and success. Nadeem, in the presence of high class performers like Santosh Kumar, Muhammad Ali, Waheed Murad, Habib and Kamal not only won Best Actorís Nigar Award in his first film Chakori but with consecutive super hit movies namely Chakori, CHOTEY SAHIB and SANGDIL, created such a record of success not accessible by any other actor before and after him.

Nadeemís journey to the success that started in 1967 has never stopped and even today, in 2008, he continues to be the No.1 actor of Pakistani silver screen. In the 61 years long history of Pakistani films, only 25 films have the distinction of celebrating Diamond Jubilee (completing a run of 100 or more weeks). Nadeem alone figures in 10 out of these 25 movies. His Diamond Jubilee films include: NADAN(1973), ANARI, PECHAN(1975), TALASH(1976), AINA (1977), HUM DONON(1980), LAJAWAB, QURBANI(1981), SANGDIL(1982) and DEHLEEZ(1983).

This record number of Diamond Jubilee films seems to remain an unsurpassable challenge for others. PEHCHAN and ANARI (1975) and LAJAWAB and QURBANI (1981) were released in the same year. Crossing the landmark of Diamond Jubilee by two movies in a single year on two occasions is an unprecedented example of success.

In addition to above mentioned super hit movies, Nadeem is also the hero of highest number (10) of Platinum Jubilee films (running for 75 or more weeks). These films are: CHAKORI(1967), DIL LAGI(1974), AMBER & ZINDAGI (1978), PAKEEZA(1979), BANDISH(1980), MIAN BEEVI RAAZI(1982), KAMIYABI(1984), JEEVA(1995) and DEEWANAY TERE PIYAR KAY(1997).

Moreover, in addition to these super hit Diamond and Platinum Jubilee films, the number of his Golden Jubilee films (running for 50 or more weeks) is also much higher (46) than all the other actors, past and present. Nadeemís Golden Jubilee films are: CHOTEY SAHIB (1967), SANGDIL(1968), BEHEN BHAI(1969), AANSOO (1971), SOCIETY, DAMAN AUR CHINGARI(1973), SAMAJ, PHOOL MERE GULSHAN KA, INTIZAR, BHOOL, SHAMA, ZEENAT, JAB JAB PHOOL KHILAY, KOSHISH, SACCHAI, MUHABBAT AUR MENHGAI, MUHABAAT EK KAHANI, PRINCE, PLAY BOY(1979), SAIMA, BADALTAY MOUSAM, RISHTA, MEHENDI LAGI MERE HAATH(1980), KHOOBSURAT(1982), LAZAWAL(1984), DEEWANEY DO, ZAMEEN AASMAN(1985), HESAAB, FAISLA(1986), CHORON KI BARAT(1987), BAZAR-E-HUSN, MUKHRA(1988), INSANIYAT KE DUSHMAN, BULANDI (1990), MADAM RANI, JO DAR GIYA WOH MER GIYA, JUNGAL KA QANOON(1995), HAWAIN(1996), INTEHA(1999) and KYUN TUM SEY ITNA PYAR HAI(2005).

Aina which can well be described as a symbol of the caliber of Nadeemís talents, is the most successful movie ever made in Pakistan. A big hit all over the country, it ran continuously for more than five years in Karachi completing more than 400 weeks. It also won 12 Nigar Awards which remains the highest number of awards won by a single Urdu movie. AINA may be termed as a record breaking and trend setting movie in many aspects.

In 1980, an Indian film Noor Jahan was granted special permission of exhibition in Pakistan. It acquired a sort of a challenge for Pakistan cinema. Mastermind Director Parvez Malik accepted the challenge and produced Hum Donoo presenting Nadeem in double roles. Hum Donoo proved a blockbuster which ran for 165 weeks in Karachi becoming the second most exhibited movie after Aina. Meanwhile Nadeemís two more films Bandish and Saima also got released and won laurels in a neck to neck fight with Noor Jahan. Bandish was shown for 86 and 82 weeks in Lahore and Karachi respectively. Earlier in 1971, Nadeem became the first actor to play three different characters in his film Jaltey Suraj Key Nichey.

There was a time in 1990s when films in the national language Urdu had almost been abandoned. In these circumstances Nadeemís films Insaniyat Ke Dushman entirely in Urdu was as unprecedented success which once again attracted film producers towards the production of Urdu movies. Apart from the above mentioned movies, Nadeemís Bazar-e-Husn, Zid, Bulandi, Jeeva, Jo Dar Giya Woh Mer Giya, Sargam, Hawain and Deewanay Tere Piyr Kay are such social, romantic and dramatic movies which opened new dimensions in film making.

Nadeem has not only established unparalleled and undefeatable records of success but has also made both the masses and classes realize his superior natural, innocent, sentimental, graceful and charming acting. He has left inerasable images in the art of acting, playing serious, comedy, romantic, emotional, action and all other kinds of roles with equal ease and expertise. That is why, during last 41 years, Nadeem has begged 19 Nigar Awards as Best Actor of the year. He received these awards in CHAKOR(1967), EHSAS(1972), NADAN(1973), ANARI(1975), AINA(1977), PAKIZA(1979), SAIMA(1980), QURBANI(1981), SANGDIL(1982), DEHLEEZ(1983), LAZAWAL(1984), NARAZ (1985), FAISLA(1986), CHORON KI BARAT(1987), MUKHRA (Best Actor & Best Producer)(1988), BAROOD KI CHAON (1989), GORI DIAN JAHANJRAN(1990), WATAN KAY RAKHWALAY(1991), SUPER PERFORMANCE(1992) & LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD(2000). That Nadeem won 14 consecutive Nigar Awards as best actor from 1979 to 1992 without break, itself speakers of Superiority of Nadeemís acting talent over all other actors of that period.

Likewise Nadeem has won FIVE National Film Awards since the inception of such awards in 1983. He won these awards for his outstanding performances in LAZAWAL(1984), QATIL KI TALASH(1986), MUKHRA(as Producer, 1988), BAROOD KI CHAON(1989) and LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD(2000). In 1991 President of Pakistan bestowed Nadeem with the Medal for Pride of Performance which is another acknowledgement of Nadeemís contribution to Pakistani Cinema at the highest level.

About two decades ago, it was believed that Indian movies were plagiarized in Pakistan. But for many years this has been the case with India cinema and Indian producers have been busy in plagiarizing Pakistani films. Nadeem has the distinction of being the most popular actor for plagiarization. Almost every successful movie starring Nadeem has been plagiarized scene to scene in India. Some notable instances are: AINA(Piyar Jhukta Naheen & Raja Hindustani), DEHLEEZ (OOnchey Loug), MEHERBANI(Alag Alag), ANSOO(Mazlum), SANGDIL(Jhoota Such), LAZAWAL(Janbaz, Ziddi Larka), FAISLA(Paap Ki Dunya), MUTTHI BHAR CHAWAL(Ik Chader Meli Si), QURBANI(Adhekar), DIL LAGI(Jhoota Kaheen Ka), BAZAR-E-HUSN(Pati Patni Aur Twaif), USTADON KAEY USTAD(Andaz Apna Apna). All these Indian films proved very mediocre versions of Pakistani Films. Moreover, no indian actor was able to produce a matching performance as Nadeemís.

Besides acting Nadeem has also sung many hit songs to his credit as a play back singer. In fact Nadeem, basically a singer, is the first actor in Indo-Pakistan to have sung for movies. Almost all of his two dozen songs have been popular. If, in 1967 his duet with Firdousi Begum ďKahan ho tum ko dhoond rahi hain yeh baharain yeh samanĒ was a super hit street song, in 1989, his duet with the melody queen Noor Jahan ďMundia dupatta chad meraĒ was a phenomenal hit.

In the years 2001 and 2002, Urdu films suffered from lack of purposeful topics. Nadeem found no point in acting in such type of movies and opted to return to Karachi, his native town, saying good by to the films. TV producers, however, wasted no time in casting Nadeem in their Drama Serials. Nadeem, therefore, appeared in 8(Eight) TV Serials namely BISAAT, CHALTEY CHALTEY, CHEHREY, MUHABBAT KA EK PEHER, AMBULANCE, EK SAFAR TANHA HE, JAISEY JAANTE NAHIN and MALIKA(2005). He also acted in 6(Six) long and short plays namely HAAR JEET, RAKH MEIN CHINGARI, FURSAT, LAWS IN LAW, WUJOOD and MUSAFIR KHAANA(2005). He was co-producer in BISAAT and TERI YAAD AAGAI, a musical program in which Nadeem rendered his favourite songs. All these productions got popularity and applause from the viewers. Completing his 41 years on Pakistani Screen, Nadeem seems to have taken a fresh guard the release of movies namely AATISH, TUM SAY PYAAR HAI and KHULEY AASMAN KE NICHEY are his notable coming movies. Nadeem certainly has the sense of occasion. He has always come to the rescue of Pakistani film industry in the hour of crisis. Today, Pakistani film industry is facing the worst crisis of its history. There would not have been a better time to make a comeback and serve the film industry in the hour of need.

Mohammed Nadeem is currently singing as a play back singer with Music Director Rehber Hussain in his up coming movie Zindagi Khoobsoorat Hai.

Filmography of Nadeem

1967-05-19 Chakori
1967-10-06 Chhotey Sahib
1968-01-02 Sangdil
1968-04-12 Tum mere ho
1968-04-12 Chand aur Chandni
1968-05-24 Main kahan Manzil kahan
1968-06-07 Behan Bhai
1968-07-19 Qulli
1968-11-08 Parosi
1969-04-04 Daagh
1969-04-25 Aneela
1969-07-18 Fasana-e-Dil
1969-08-01 Nazneen
1969-08-15 Anari
1970-01-16 Shama aur Parwana
1970-04-10 Bazi
1970-06-26 Jaley na kyun Parwana
1970-12-04 Soghat
1970-12-25 Chand Suraj
1971-05-07 Parai Aag
1971-07-30 Aansoo
1971-09-17 Jaltey Suraj ke neechey
1971-09-17 Charagh kahan Roshni kahan
1972-05-19 Aao Pyar karen
1972-09-15 Angarey
1972-11-08 Suhag
1972-12-01 Mann ki Jeet
1972-12-15 Pazeb
1972-12-22 Ehsas
1973-02-23 Naadan
1973-03-30 Sehrey ke Phool
1973-06-01 Badal aur Bijli
1973-10-28 Society
1973-10-28 Daman aur Chingari
1973-12-14 Tera Gham rahe Salamat
1974-01-05 Do Badan
1974-01-11 Samaj
1974-02-15 Dil Lagi
1974-02-22 Mitti Ke Putle
1974-07-12 Phool mere Gulahan ka
1974-08-02 Sawan aya tum nahin aye
1974-08-09 Intezar
1974-10-18 Miss Hippy
1974-11-01 Bhool
1974-11-29 Do Tasveerain
1974-11-29 Bahisht
1974-12-02 Sharafat
1974-12-25 Shama
1975-02-14 Farz aur Mam
1974-03-12 Haar gya Insan
1975-04-18 Jagir
1975-05-30 Zeenat
1975-07-04 Gumrah
1975-07-18 Dil Nasheen
1975-08-11 Pehchan
1975-08-11 Anari
1975-08-15 Paalki
1975-11-14 Roshni
1975-11-21 Jab Jab Phool Khiley
1975-11-28 Umang
1975-12-14 Zanjeer
1976-01-23 Talash
1976-02-06 Insan aur Farishta
1976-03-19 Koshish
1976-04-09 Daman ki Aag
1976-06-11 Sayyan Anari
1976-07-09 Sachai
1976-07-09 Do Aansoo
1976-08-06 Mohabbat aur Mehngai
1977-01-14 Parastish
1977-02-11 Mohabaat ek kahani
1977-03-18 Aina
1977-06-30 Gora Kala
1977-07-14 Ishq Ishq
1977-07-21 Sangam
1977-09-16 Dard
1977-10-06 Pehli Nazar
1977-11-04 Roti Kapra aur Insan
1977-11-21 Barey Mian Deewaney
1977-11-21 Mohabbat mar nahin sakti
1978-01-06 Amber
1978-04-28 Sharmili
1978-06-16 Muthi bhar Chawal
1978-06-30 Prince
1978-09-05 Play Boy
1978-09-29 Zindagi
1978-10-13 Anmol Mohabbat
1979-04-20 Pakeeza
1979-05-25 Do Rastey
1980-01-11 Bandish
1980-02-15 Hum Donon
1980-03-21 Mehel mere Sapnonka
1980-05-02 Saima
1980-08-13 Badaltey Mousam
1980-09-05 Rishta
1980-10-20 Mehndi lagi mere Haath
1981-02-13 Lajawab
1981-05-22 Qurbani
1981-08-20 Watan
1982-01-15 Khoobsurat
1982-01-29 Mian Biwi Razi
1982-04-02 Sangdil
1982-04-16 Aahat
1982-05-21 Aas Paas
1982-09-03 Angan
1982-11-05 Thori Si Bewafai
1982-12-03 Meherbani
1983-04-22 Dehleez
1983-07-12 Deewangi
1983-12-02 Gumnam
1985-06-05 Door Desh
1984-01-06 Yeh kaisey hua
1984-06-30 Basera
1984-06-30 Kamyabi
1984-11-02 Khush Nase
1984-11-23 Lazawal
1985-03-08 Hum se hai Zamana
1985-04-26 Parwana
1985-08-27 Deewane do
1985-11-08 Naraz
1985-12-06 Zameen Aasman
1986-06-09 Hisaab
1986-07-11 Qatil Ki Talash
1986-08-17 Talash
1986-10-17 Faisla
1987-03-27 Kundan
1987-05-29 Choron ki Barat
1987-11-20 Badla
1987-11-27 Love in London
1988-07-25 Meri Adalat
1988-09-02 Mukhra
1988-09-09 Bazar-e-Hussn
1989-03-10 Taqat ka Toofan
1989-08-18 Barood ki Chaon
1989-11-10 Tees Maar Khan
1990-01-19 Gori diyan Jhanjhran
1990-02-02 Insaniyat ke Dushman
1990-07-04 Aasman
1990-07-04 Raja
1990-09-07 Leader
1990-09-21 Bulandi
1990-11-09 Ustadon ke Ustad
1991-02-22 Dolat ke Pujari
1991-05-17 Zid
1991-06-23 Watan ke Rakhwaley
1991-09-06 Aandhi
1992-01-03 Khuni Sholey
1992-01-17 Shzada
1992-01-24 Pabandi
1992-04-05 Abdullah The Great
1992-07-24 Chahat
1992-08-28 Khoon ka Qarz
1992-11-06 Mehbooba
1993-03-25 Khuda Gawah
1993-03-25 Katwaal
1993-05-14 Aroosa
1993-06-02 Betaj Badshah
1993-07-16 Insaniyat
1993-08-06 Anhoni
1993-12-24 Qasam
1994-03-14 Khandan
1994-05-22 Zameen Aasman
1994-07-29 International Lutere
1994-09-16 Phool
1994-10-28 Andaz
1995-03-03 Jeeva
1995-03-03 Khazana
1995-05-10 Awargi
1995-05-10 Madam Rani
1995-09-01 Sargam
1995-09-29 Jo dar gya woh marr gya
1995-10-20 Panah
1995-12-01 Jungle ka Qanoon
1996-05-31 Hawain
1996-09-06 Mummy
1997-02-09 Mafia
1997-03-07 Najaiz
1997-03-14 Aulad ki Qasam
1997-05-23 Chand Girhan
1997-05-30 Ham tumhare hain
1997-06-27 Umar Mukhtar
1997-07-11 Karam Data
1997-08-14 Raja Pakistani
1997-08-29 Aanchal
1997-10-24 Mohabbat hai kya Cheez
1997-11-07 Deewane tere Pyar ke
1998-01-30 Mohafiz
1998-04-08 Zor
1998-05-22 Deewarain
1998-08-28 Dopatta jall raha hai
1998-11-13 Mohlat
1998-11-20 Sahab Jee
1999-02-26 Inteha
1999-05-07 Dil mein chhupa ke rakhna
2000-05-19 Khuda ke Chor
2000-06-21 Billi
2003-06-06 Yeh Wada raha
2003-07-04 Kundan
2005-04-29 Kyun tum se itna pyar hai
2005-07-08 Tere bin jiya na jaey
2005-08-12 Koi tujh sa kahan
2006-01-06 Pehla Pehla Pyar
2006-10-24 Tarrap
2007-04-28 Main Aik Din Laut Kay Aaonga
2008-07-04 Khulay Aasman Kay Neechay

TV Serials by Nadeem

AINA (The Sequel)

Quiz Show


[edit] Tele Films



Special Plays


Musical Programme in which Nadeem sang


Drama Series



^ Ilyas, Aslam (1992), Silver Star Nadeem, Karachi: Screen Publications

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