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About Sajjad Kishwar

Male actor Sajjad Kishwar from Pakistan, famous due to tv

televison actor


Sajjad Kishwar Actress Pictures Interview Biography

Sajjad Kishwar, is a noted Pakistani film and television actor. Sajjad has exceptional speaking power with a rich vocabulary. Apart from being a very good artist, he is quite an impressive poet as well. His Urdu makes a deep and favourable impression on oneís mind. Besides acting, he has been assigned by the Pakistan National Council of the Arts to edit and approve the scripts of all stage programmes.

Sajjad Kishwar was born on July 6 in Ludhiana, Punjab, British India. Growing up in Ludhiana, Sajjad Kishwar attended a English medium school. In 1947, his entire family moved to Pakistan and settled in Rawalpindi.

After matriculation from Rawalpindi, he did graduate from Gujranwala. In his start of career, he joined the Pakistan Times as a circulation manager. However, he soon switched lanes from the newspaper business to acting. His first role was that of a villain in the play "Raizgari", aired from PTVís Rawalpindi centre in 1967.

In 1962, Sajjad married to "Amna Nazli", they had three children (two daughters "Tahida" and "Hafza" and a son "Masood Abbas".

When PTV Rawalpindi stopped airing serials and became a current affairs station, he had to move to Lahore. Sajjad Kishwar has performed in about 1,500 TV dramas and more than 100 films.

In 2006, Sajjad Kishwar received "Lifetime Achievement Award" from Radio Pakistan.


His noted television plays and films are:

Television plays

Akhri Shab



Radio Pakistan Lifetime Achievement Award, 2006

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