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About Badar Munir

Male actor Badar Munir from Pakistan, famous due to film

Hero and Supporting Actor


Badar Munir Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Pakistani Film Heroes from the 1960's

First film: Jehan tum wahan tum (Urdu - 1967)
Last film: Zaman Pagal janana (Pashto - 2004)
The Legend Hero in Pashto Cinema's history. He dominated almost 35 years...
Pukhto actor Badar Munir died at a local hospital in Lahore on saturday morning, October 10, 2008. He had been sick during the past few years.
He was born in Madayan, Swat in a religious family. His father served as Imam [prayer leader] at a local village mosque. Badar Munir is survived by one brother name Khursid, a sister, two wives, 2 sons and 3 daughters from his first wife, and 3 sons from his second wife. Both of his sons [Aqal Munir and Dilbar Munir] tried to follow their father's profession but could not succeed. Badar Munir was brother in law of film actor Niamat Sarhadi although the two were always at war with each other in films. [Niamat Sarhadi has 4 wives; one of his wife is Badar Munir sister].
Badar Munir played lead roles in about 400 movies that were produced in Pukhto, Urdu and Punjabi languages.
He was introduced by Urdu film actor Waheed Murad to the film industry in 1970. His first movie was Yousaf Khan & Sherbano, with Yasmin Khan as heroine. The list of hit films is quite extensive: his most memorable movies included Orbal, Naavay Da Yao Ssphay, Deedan, Topak Zama Qanon, Zma Qasam, Da Inteqaam Lumbay, and Adam Khan Durkhanai.
As a person Badar Munir was a very simple and humble man. Although he appeared huge in movies, in reality he was a short and sturdy man. He had only primary school level education; nature had, however, endowed him with enormous acting talent and will be remembered as such. Indeed, it is going to be an uphill task for Pukhtun youth to take his place. It is only in generations that talented people of Badar Munir calibre are born. May God bless his soul. (AnwarGul, Kohat, Pakistan)
Before joining films, Bader Munir used to drive Rikshaw in Karachi streets then he got a job as Tea boy in Waheed Murad's office. (by Mohammad Ayub Qureshi, Saudi Arabia)

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