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About Iqbal Hassan

Male actor Iqbal Hassan from Pakistan, famous due to film

Hero, Villain, Extra, Characte


Iqbal Hassan Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Pakistani Film Heroes from the 1960's

First film: Punjab da Sher (Punjabi - 1965)
An all round actor in Punjabi films - He started as an extra actor, became hero in Sassi Punnu (1968). Appeared as villain and character actor in many films and was the third most popular Punjabi film actor in the 80s after Sultan Rahi and Mustafa Qureshi...
Iqbal Hassan's filmography as hero:
No. Year Films Language Actors
1 1968 Sassi Punnu Punjabi Naghma, Iqbal Hassan, Aliya, Zeenat, Munawar Zarif, Mazhar Shah
2 1969 Dhee Rani Punjabi Aliya, Iqbal Hassan, Saba, Razia, Nasira, Salma Mumtaz, Munawar Zarif, Nanha, Sultan Rahi, Sawan
3 1970 Mehram Dil da Punjabi Rani, Iqbal Hassan, Mazhar Shah
4 1971 Bhaian baj na jorian Punjabi Saloni, Iqbal Hassan, Sultan Rahi
5 1972 Changa Khoon Punjabi Firdous, Iqbal Hassan, Mazhar Shah
6 1972 Ishtahari Mulzim Punjabi Firdous, Iqbal Hassan, Ejaz, Mehpara
7 1973 Baghi Haseena Urdu Aliya, Iqbal Hassan
8 1973 Jawani di hawa Punjabi Aliya, Iqbal Hassan
9 1973 Sir uchay Sardaran de Punjabi Naghma, Iqbal Hassan
10 1974 Badmash Puttar Punjabi Aliya, Iqbal Hassan, Mumtaz
11 1974 Bhola Sajjan Punjabi Deeba, Iqbal Hassan, Ejaz
12 1974 Dasnumbri Punjabi Asiya, Iqbal Hassan, Aliya
13 1974 Jawan mere des da Punjabi Aliya, Iqbal Hassan, Talish, Mazhar Shah
14 1974 Jigar da tukra Punjabi Asiya, Iqbal Hassan
15 1974 Jurm te nafrat Punjabi Naghma, Iqbal Hassan, Habib
16 1974 Qatil te mafroor Punjabi Naghma, Iqbal Hassan, Sultan Rahi
17 1974 Sikandra Punjabi Asiya, Iqbal Hassan, Sawan
18 1974 Yaar mastane Punjabi Aliya, Iqbal Hassan, Naghma, Habib
19 1975 Babul Daku Punjabi Rozina, Iqbal Hassan, Munawar Zarif
20 1975 Chhad bure di yaari Punjabi Asiya, Iqbal Hassan, Afzal Khan
21 1975 Do Dost Punjabi Aliya, Iqbal Hassan, Asad Bukhari
22 1975 Haaku Punjabi Asiya, Iqbal Hassan, Rozina
23 1975 Jailor te Qaidi Punjabi Neelo, Iqbal Hassan, Sultan Rahi, Mustafa Qureshi
24 1975 Rajjo Punjabi Neelo, Iqbal Hassan, Munawar Zarif
25 1975 Shaheed Punjabi Asiya, Iqbal Hassan, Aliya
26 1976 Ajj da Badmash Punjabi Asiya, Iqbal Hassan
27 1976 Jano kapatti Punjabi Asiya, Iqbal Hassan, Munawar Zarif, Munawar Saeed
28 1976 Jor barabar da Punjabi Aliya, Iqbal Hassan, Najma
29 1976 Kothe tapni Punjabi Asiya, Iqbal Hassan, Nimmo, Talish
30 1976 Tinn Yaar Punjabi Aliya, Iqbal Hassan, Asad Bukhari
31 1977 Danka Punjabi Neelo, Iqbal Hassan, Nimmo
32 1977 Dildar sadqe Punjabi Asiya, Iqbal Hassan, Najma
33 1977 Himmat Punjabi Asiya, Iqbal Hassan, Kaifee
34 1977 Malikzada Punjabi Neelo, Iqbal Hassan
35 1977 Puttar te Qanoon Punjabi Naghma, Iqbal Hassan, Sawan
36 1977 Suha Jora Punjabi Najma, Iqbal Hassan, Mustafa Qureshi
37 1977 Tera vi jawab nein Punjabi Neelo, Iqbal Hassan, Mustafa Qureshi
38 1978 Lakha Punjabi Nisho, Iqbal Hassan, Sultan Rahi
39 1978 Qatil te Smuggler Punjabi Musarrat Shaheen, Iqbal Hassan
40 1978 Sharif Shehri Punjabi Neelo, Iqbal Hassan, Asad Bukhari
41 1978 Umar qaid Punjabi Najma, Iqbal Hassan
42 1979 Dadagir Punjabi Najma, Iqbal Hassan
43 1979 Muqabla Punjabi Asiya, Iqbal Hassan
44 1979 Sohni Dharti Punjabi Najma, Iqbal Hassan
45 1980 Heera Puttar Punjabi Neelo, Iqbal Hassan, Saiqa
46 1982 Yaar Beli Punjabi Najma, Iqbal Hassan
47 1983 Khan Veer Punjabi Anjuman, Iqbal Hassan, Shahid
48 1984 Bala Gaadi Punjabi Mumtaz, Iqbal Hassan, Kaifee
49 1984 Jagga te Shera Punjabi Musmtaz, Iqbal Hassan, Mustafa Qureshi
50 1984 Kaliyar Punjabi Anjuman, Iqbal Hassan, Ejaz
51 1984 Khanu Dada Punjabi Anjuman, Iqbal Hassan, Mustafa Qureshi
52 1985 Haidar Khan Punjabi Khanum, Iqbal Hassan, Mustafa Qureshi
53 1985 Jani Dushman Punjabi Mumtaz, Iqbal Hassan, Ghulam Mohayuddin
54 1985 Muqaddar Punjabi Rani, Iqbal Hassan, Ghulam Mohayuddin
55 1986 Dushmani Jatt di Punjabi Nazli, Iqbal Hassan, Kaifee
56 1990 Dushmani Punjabi Asiya, Iqbal Hassan, Afzaal

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