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About Ayub Khooso

Male actor Ayub Khooso from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood

comedian and Actor


Ayub Khooso Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Ayub Khoso (Urdu: ايوب کھوسھ ,کھوسو ) a Pashto speaker but ethnic Baloch, he was born in Quetta, Pakistan. He started his acting career at school; his first TV Drama was with Pakistan Television (PTV). Ayub khoso appeared in many Balouchi drama broadcast from Pakistan Television (Quetta Centre, nowadays he is working on Shindi channels like KTN and Sindh TV. He is fluent in Balochi, Brahui, Sindhi, and Urdu. He has acted in many TV serials, and has been nominated best actor by Pakistan TV & KTN TV. He is also involved in politics and been Supporting the Pakistan Peoples Party from Jacobabad, Sindh.

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