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About Humayun Saeed

Male actor Humayun Saeed from Pakistan, famous due to film



Humayun Saeed Actor Pictures Interview Biography

First film: No Paisa No Problem (Urdu - 2000)

Humayun Saeed (Urdu: ہمایوں سعید) (born July 27, 1971 in Karachi) is a famous Pakistani actor, model and producer.


Saeed has four, younger brothers, Babar, Amir, Adnan and Salman.

Before acting

Saeed obtained a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, before establishing himself as a garment factory Production Manager, in Karachi; where he stayed from 1991- 1995.

Early career
Saeed first appeared on television at the end of 1995. Quick to learn and eager to make a mark, he accepted roles in various drama serials, appearing alongside other rising stars such as Aamina Haq and Faryal Gohar. Taking up modelling as a side-by-side profession, Saeed was soon famous for "his looks, his etiquette and above all, for his impressive voice.

His first television play was 'Ye Jahan,' which set him on the path to success. Within a year, the awards were already raining through. In 1996, he was declared Best Actor, at the TVT Performance Awards, for his performance in the play "Ab tum ja sakte ho." The same year saw him taking away another Best Actor award for his performance in the telefilm 'Zeher.'

On the silver screen

As his fame progressed, Saeed tried his abilities on the silver cinema screen. His first film, Inteha opposite the beautiful and famous Meera, was a box-office hit. His second film, No Paisa No Problem - in which he plays a prostitue - however, flopped.

Saeed was offered the lead role in top director-producer Javed Sheikh's film, Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa. He rejected, citing date clashes and the role, therefore, went to film actor Moammar Rana instead. Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa turned out to be a huge hit, and Saeed agreed to work on Javed Sheikh's next movie, Khullay Aasmaan Ke Neeche (KAKN), which was released in July 2008. The film failed to make the mark its predecessor Yeh Dil Ap Ka Hua had, but still garnered some good reviews.


Since the mid to late 90's, Saeed has been producing his own television serials - especially for Pakistani channels like PTV - under the banner of Humayun Saeed Productions.

In 2000, he partnered with Abdullah Kadwani to form Humayun Saeed-Abdullah Kadwani Productions. Their very first serial, Ana, bagged a Lux Style Award.

List of Television Serials

As an actor

Aaj (Today)
Bund Darwazay (Closed Doors)
Chahatain (Affections)
Doosri Dunya (The Second World)
Farar (Escape)
Farz Aik Qarz (Duty, a Debt)
Ghazi Shaheed (Victor Martyr)
Janay Unjanay (Known, Unknown)
Jang (War)
Kabhi Kabhi Pyaar Main (Sometimes, in Love)
Khail Khail Main (In Play)
Lahu Say Kar Kay Wuzu (After Ablution by Blood)
Mehndi (Henna)
Peela Jora (Yellow Dress)
Shayad Kay Bahar Aaye (Perhaps Spring Shall Come)
The Castle - Ek Umeed (The Castle: A Hope)
Umeed-e-Sehr (Hope of Dawn)
Unjaanay Raaste (Unknown Routes)
Waqt (Time)
Ye Ghair Hai Milan Ki (This is the Moment of Meeting)
Ye Jahan (This World)
Ye Zindigi (This Life)
Zeher (Poison)
Zindagi Badalti Hai (Life Changes)

As a producer

Adhuray Khuwab (Incomplete Dreams)
Ana (Ego)
Dil Wo Behmeher (Heart, That Unsigned)
Jab Jab Dil Milay (Every Time That Hearts Met)
Pehli Kashish (The First Attraction)
Tum Hi Tou Ho (It is You)
Undekhi (Unseen)*Yaadain (Memories)


Inteha (Extreme)
No Paisa, No Problem (No Money, No Problem)


Best actor (for Ab tum ja saktay ho)
Best actor (for Zeher)
Best actor (for Sawal)
Best actor (for Umeed-e-Sehr)
Best actor (for Kankgan)
Television Times Viewer's Choice Award (for Inteha)

Actor Humayun Saeed Photos

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