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About Nadia Khan

Female actress Nadia Khan from Pakistan, famous due to tv

presenter actress and producer


Nadia Khan Actress Pictures Interview Biography

Nadia Khan (born May 22 1975) is a Pakistani television presenter, actress and producer.

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[edit] Biography
Nadia was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan to Aslam Khan and Tahira Khan on May 22 1975 Her father is a retired Army Colonel while her mother is a housewife. She has two bothers, one older and one younger and one older sister who lives in USA. She made her TV debut through NTM in 1996 at the young age of 17. Her first cousin, also her sister in-law was working with NTM, which was at that time introducing a lot of young upcoming talents as hosts and announcers. Nadia instantly became a household name in Pakistan due to her spontaneous and witty personality. She then hosted a show called "Daak Time" (Mail Time) with Uncle Sargam which was a huge hit on PTV.

She then acted in number of very successful PTV dramas, including Maarukh, Bandhan, Pal Do Pal, and Des Pardes. She rose to fame for her spontaneous yet charming personality. She left the world of entertainment in the year 2000 when she got married, but made a comeback to acting in the year 2005 with a Eid Special Show in which she acted opposite Ijaz Aslam and Sadia Imam. She then also appeared in a ARY Digital soap called Koi tu Ho in 2005. But she later left the show to work as a host on Geo TV.

[edit] Personal Life
Nadia Khan married Khawar Iqbal in 2000 and left Pakistan entertainment world and moved to Dubai, though making a successful comeback later in 2003. She has a daughter, named Alizah, who is five years old. Nadia was blessed with a baby boy on 17th December 2008 and has named the boy, Azaan. She left her morning show on November 13th 2008 due to her pregnancy. She will return to the show in March - April 2009.

[edit] Career
Nadia quit acting after she got married in 2000 but she returned as a anchor on ARY Digital's morning show "Good Morning Asia" the show went on air from Dubai in the year 2003. After leaving ARY Digital for unknown reasons in 2006, she moved to the rival channel GEO TV, actress Marina Khan took Nadia's place at ARY Digital starting her own semi-successful morning show which ended in 2008 after a short run. She is currently the host of Geo TV's morning show called Nadia Khan Show Geo Mazay Say. Her show features interviews with Pakistani celebrities, artists, performers, athletes, and politicians. There are also segments on Islam, health, beauty, etc. Her show is the most-watched morning show in Pakistan, and has gotten high ratings throughout it's run on Geo Tv.

[edit] Controversies
Nadia Khan came under heavy fire in the year 2007, when videos of her dancing at a family wedding in a somewhat cheap manner surfaced on Youtube. Though there wasn't anything eye-popping about her dancing, but many people were disgusted because they believed it was an image total opposite of what Nadia projected on her show.

In the year 2005, Nadia abruptly left her husband with her daughter and moved to Karachi. Nadia started hosting her show from ARY Digital Karachi studio and filed for separation from her husband Khawar Iqbal. Nadia stayed in Karachi for about 6 to 8 months, but later re-conciled with her husband and moved back to Dubai.

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