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About Neelo

Female actress Neelo from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood

Heroine, Supporting Actress


Neelo Actress Pictures Interview Biography

First film: Sabira (Urdu - 1956)
Last film: ?
Neelo was the second generation of successful film heroines and the first ever top dancer heroine in both Urdu and Punjabi films in Pakistan. She played side-roles in many years and became top heroine in the first half of the 60s....
She was born on 30th June 1941 in Bhera, Sargodha. First time she appeared as an extra standing in a mob scene in Hollywood's Bhwani Junction (1955) which was shoot in and around Lahore. This is very interesting to know that Shabab Keranvi rejected her for films when she approached him for acting in films. Shabab sahib said: " this girl can not be a film actress, never never...
During General Ayub Khan's rule in 1965, she was called to give a live dance performance for the entertainment of Emperor of Iran who paid an official visit to Pakistan, but she refused to comply with their wishes. She was harassed and threatened with dire consequences and she attempted to commit suicide. Habib Jalib expressed his anguished and wrote the poem: "Tu keh na waqfe, adaba-e-shahnshahi hay...", later this poem was used in film Zarqa with slight changes in the words.
Neelo's real name was Cynthia Alexander Fernandes, after the marriage with Riaz Shahid, she coverted to Islam and renamed Abida Riaz. Before becoming a heroine till 1959, Neelo is the one of Pakistani film heroines who worked minor/extra and song item roles in a maximum number of films (about 20 films) like Sabira (1956), Anjam, Saat Lakh, Phooley Khan, Ankh ka nasha, and Sehti (1957), Jane Bahar, Shaikh chilli, Naya dour, Kacha kalian, Zehr-e-ishq, Nai larki, Darbar, Mumtaz, and Akhri Nishan (1958), Yaar beli, Sola aaney, Lukan mitti, Neend and Lalkar (1959). Neelo is also the mother of super star Shaan. (by Mohammed Ayub Qureshi)

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