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About Nimmi

Female actress Nimmi from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood



Nimmi Actress Pictures Interview Biography

Nimmi, whose real name is Naureen, was born in Lahore in 1961. Her father [Mr.Abdul Hafeez] and mother [Sughra] died in early 1990s, whereas her two brothers [Mazhar and Ghoshi] and two sisters [Huma and Nusrat Ara] are still alive. Despite living in a city like Lahore, Nimmi did not go to school at all. However, she did acquire religious education, studying Quran and related scriptures. Her lack of formal education did not bar her to develop elementary understanding of pashto.
Nimmi's movie career started with acting in Urdu dramas. One day she was visiting a studio in Lahore, where she came across Badar Munir. After a brief talk, Badar Munir offered her a role in pashto film [Navay da Yao Sshpay]. The film turned out to be a super hit, and thus Nimmi became a super star. She got offers for many movies and starred in a bunch of movies during 1974-1978. Nimmi took her assignments seriously and exhibited extra-ordinary bravery by performing some challenging roles in pashto film "Naavay da Yao Sshpay."
After her marriage in 1978, she could not devote as much time as before to her movie career. Taking care of her three kids [two daughters, and a son] took priority over the movie career. To make matters worse, her husband died as well in early 1980s and she had to go through a lot of hardships. While she continued to act in movies till 1988, eventually she gave up. Her sister, Nurat Ara [Urf Bin Bathurri], is also associated with Pakistan Television and still plays roles in Urdu dramas.
Nimmi lives in Lahore. She has great affinity for spiritual activites and spends most of her time in Dhata Darbar, and Bibi Pak Daman Darbar. Her kids have grown enough to take care of themselves as well as Nimmi. She died on June 3, 2008 at Lahore.
SOURCE: AnwarGul's conversation with Nimmi at her residence in Lahore.

No. Year Films Language Actors
1 1975 Dulhan ek raat ki Urdu Nimmi, Badar Munir, Asifn, Musarrat Shaheen
2 1975 Navay da Yao Sshpay Pashto Nimmi, Badar Munir, Asif Khan
3 1976 Inteqam ke Sholay Urdu Nimmi, Asif Khan, Badar Munir
4 1976 Inteqam lambe Pashto Nimmi, Badar Munir, Asif Khan
5 1977 Barey Mian Deewaney Urdu Asiya, Nadeem, Durdana, Nimmi, Talish
6 1977 Qattal ke baad Urdu Deeba, Badar Munir, Nimmi
7 1977 Shoghlay Pashto Nimmi, Talat Iqbal Hassan
8 1977 Sholay peh Shola Urdu Nimmi, Talat Iqbal Hassan
9 1977 Yadon ki Barat Urdu Nimmi, Asif Khan, Bindia
10 1978 Baap ka gunah Urdu Nimmi, Badar Munir
11 1978 Pagal te Pyar Punjabi Nimmi, Naveed, Ishrat Chodhary
12 1979 Badnaam Pashto Nimmi, Badar Munir
13 1979 Multan Khan Urdu Nimmi, Badar Munir, Aslam Pervez
14 1980 Ham dono Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Kemal, Nimmi, Aslam
15 1980 Shabab Urdu Nimmi, Badar Munir
16 1980 Smuggler Urdu Nimmi, Badar Munir
17 1981 Azeem qoum ki azeem ki Beti Urdu Nimmi, Naeem Khan
18 1982 Gull Sanga Pashto Surayya Khan, Asif Khan, Nimmi
19 1984 Suhe Meenh Pashto Nimmi, Badar Munir
20 1985 Darindah Urdu Nimmi, Badar Munir
21 1986 Dokht Badshah Pashto Yasmin Khan, Badar Munir, Nimmi
22 1986 Kavine karkha Pashto Nimmi, Badar Munir, Asif Khan
23 1986 Laram Pashto Nimmi, Badar Munir, Hamayun Qureshi
24 1988 Beeranagne Pashto Nimmi, Badar Munir

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