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About Shirin

Female actress Shirin from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood



Shirin Actress Pictures Interview Biography

First film: Tees Mar Khan (Punjabi - 1963)
Last film: Khazanchi (1971)
She got success from her first ever released film Tees Maar Khan. But it was a very short period then she was out of scene. Malangi, Jeedar and Phanney Khan were other mega hit films on her credits.

Filmographyo f Shirin: No. Year Films Language Actors
1 1963 Tees Mar Khan Punjabi Shirin, Allauddin, Zeenat, Asif Jah, ChunChun, Sawan
2 1964 Pani Punjabi Shirin, Akmal, Zeenat, M. Ismael, Asif Jah, Mazhar Shah
3 1964 Bharjai Punjabi Shirin, Akmal, Bahar, Asad Bukhari, Zeenat, Ajmal, Sawan
4 1964 Walit Pass Punjabi Shirin, Akmal, Asif Jah
5 1964 Wah Bhei wah Urdu Laila, Akmal, Yousuf Khan, Shirin, Ajmal
6 1965 Had Haram Punjabi Shirin, Allauddin, Asif Jah
7 1965 Ik si Chor Punjabi Shirin, Allauddin, Yousuf Khan
8 1965 Jeedar Punjabi Neelo, Sudhir, Habib, Shirin, Rangeela, Mazhar Shah
9 1965 Malangi Punjabi Shirin, Akmal, Firdous, Yousuf Khan, Zamurrad, Mazhar Shah
10 1965 Mann Mouji Punjabi Shirin, Sudhir, Firdous, Akmal, Razia, Asif Jah, Mazhar Shah
11 1965 Phanney Khan Punjabi Shirin, Sudhir, Saloni, Ajmal, Mazhar Shah, Allauudin
12 1966 Banki Naar Punjabi Shirin, Akmal, Mazhar Shah
13 1966 Goonga Punjabi Rani, Akmal, Shirin, Sawan, Zeenat, Rangeela, Zulfi
14 1966 Gwandhi Punjabi Shirin, Asad Bukhari
15 1966 Janj Punjabi Shirin, Allauddin
16 1966 Mem Sahib Punjabi Shirin, Akmal
17 1966 Munh Zor Punjabi Shirin, Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Mazhar Shah
18 1966 Prohna Punjabi Shirin, Habib
19 1966 Soorma Punjabi Shirin, Akmal
20 1966 Janbaz Urdu Shirin, Mohammad Ali, Nazar, Saqi, Talish
21 1968 Chalbaz Punjabi Shirin, Allauddin, Sawan
22 1968 Daler Khan Punjabi Shirin, Yousuf Khan, Mazhar Shah
23 1968 Lal Bujhakar Punjabi Shirin, Akmal, Rangeela, M.D. Sheikh, Sawan
24 1968 Panj Darya Punjabi Firdous, Akmal, Shirin, Zamurrad, Allauddin, Sawan
25 1969 Ghairatmand Punjabi Shirin, Akmal, Mazhar Shah
26 1969 Sher Jawan Punjabi Shirin, Akmal, Naeem Hashmi, Mazhar Shah
27 1971 Jor jawanaa da Punjabi Firdous, Sudhir, Shirin, Rangeela, Zulfi, Mazhar Shah

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