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About Veena Malik

Female actress Veena Malik from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood

actress, comedian and model


Veena Malik Actress Picture Interview Biography

Veena Malik is a Pakistani Film, Television actress and model. Veena Malik was born in Rawalpindi Pakistan. she came to Lahore town with lot of dreams Her dreams came true when she met Jarar Rizvi, Who helped her to start her career. Veena is very talented actress and very good model. Veena malik is beautiful and attractive. Veena malik very sexy figure
Veena Malik nude photo shoot scandel was upset her very much. These nude photos was not her. About her nude photo shoots circulating on the Internet, annoyed Veena said, "The photo-shoot you are mentioning is the part of anti-Veena campaign by my opponents in the film industry. I never went for a nude-shoot. Those are fake pictures. I am not bothered about them since those are not my photographs. Veena Malik is also very good compare.

No. Year Films Language Actors
1 2000 Tere pyar mein Urdu Zara Sheikh, Shaan, Noor, Veena Malik, Raja Riaz, Nawaz, Khalid Butt, Irfan Khoost
2 2002 Yeh Dil Aapka hua Urdu Sana, Moamar Rana, Saleem Sheikh, Veena Malik, Babul Ali, Javed Sheikh, Shafaqt Cheema, Ismael Tara
3 2004 Jageer Punjabi Saima, Moamar Rana, Babur Ali, Veena Malik, Mustafa Qureshi, Aliya, Habib, Ejaz Nayyar
4 2005 Bau Badmash Punjabi Saima, Moamar Rana, Babur Ali, Veena Malik
5 2005 Koi tujh sa kahan Urdu Reema, Moamar Rana, Veena Malik, Babrik, Nadeem, Irfan Khoost
6 2005 Kyun tum se itna pyar hai Urdu Veena Malik, Ajab gul, Arbaz Khan, Nadeem, Talat Hussain

Veena Malik, born Zahida Malik, is a Pakistani actress, comedian and model.

Coming from a conservative Muslim family, Veena has faced great adversity from members of her family, especially her father, on her decision to join show business but has emerged as one of the leading women in the Pakistani television and films with her abilities to mimic others and improvise. Veena has worked as a representative at the World Health Organisation for two years and sponsors a child at the SOS Children's Village, an NGO based in Pakistan working with orphaned children.


Early life

Veena Malik has claimed to be born on 26 February 1980 in Lahore, Pakistan, to a doctor working at an army medical hospital. The family soon settled in Rawalpindi after the child was born. Her grandmother named her Zahida but the parents insisted on keeping Veena as the girl's first name. Her father's busy schedule led her grandmother to become Veena's guardian from the time she was six years old and nurtured her until her teens when she died.

“ Why on earth is she doing this? I always thought her to be such a nice girl. ”
—A friend's mother upon hearing Veena was thinking of going into the film industry

When she grew up, Veena expressed interest in joining films and her grandmother encouraged her. Her father however pondered over his daughter's fate in an industry that was deemed unsuitable for girls in Pakistan and looked down upon by the mostly conservative middle-class, and he initially resisted his daughter's attempts to pursue a career in entertainment. Veena received continuous support from her grandmother however, whose persuasiveness finally enabled her father to allow her to join film and television. People still, some even close to her, scorned her choice of career.

Career and hype

Veena, 4th from right, at the launch of her movie Mohabbatan Sachiyan at the Gulistan Cinema, Lahore. Alongside her are other leading ladies of the Pakistani cinema.Like all people desiring to join the industry in Pakistan, Veena started with the film industry in Lahore, the home of Lollywood, an amalgamation of the city's name with Hollywood. She was to meet the likes of Mukhtar Ahmed and Jarar Rizvi in 1999, who landed her a role in the epic Pakistani film Tere Pyar Mein. By the end of the year, she was already being considered for other such projects when she became a part of a growing scandal.

Scandals and controversies

What appeared to be her nude pictures were being circulated on the Internet and became an issue of debate by the end of 2001. Veena repeatedly denied the accusations saying she never appeared in any photo shoots of such kind. The controversies were short-lived but boosted Veena's appeal in the industry and soon she was sought out for more roles in other hit films.

In light of these scandalous controversies, Veena was once accused in 2004 of being involved in indecent acts by one of her co-stars. After filming a cross-border venture with Bollywood named Pind Di Kuri, actress Sheeba Butt added, “That is what her real character is like. It is a matter of disrespect for us.” This came after Veena's comments that Sheeba's acting etiquette ‘had tarnished the image of Pakistan by causing a loss’ of 70,000 rupees to the Indian Punjabi producer Iqbal Singh Dhillon for which Veena claims she had to compensate for from her own pocket. The film was the first Indo-Pakistan venture with the largest budget amounting to 70 million rupees.

Meera would later accuse Veena of having an affair with Mukhtar, Veena's mentor and agent who was formerly Meera's agent. It was reported that after she returned from filming her film Nazar in Mumbai, Meera was apparently annoyed of Veena doing a mimicry of her at a certain event.

Recent success

Veena Malik performing to the tunes of Naheed Akhtar at the Lux Style Awards 2007. Veena has almost always been cast as a supporting actor. It is unclear if she herself stayed clear of the leading roles or was denied them. Industry enthusiasts say that the only genre Veena was good at was 'comedy' and the directors failed to create a leading role around her acting skills. The criticism was taken well with Veena and she began to hone her skills even more in comedy. In 2002, she was called by Prime TV to host a show called Prime Gupshup for them ushering a new direction for her comedic skills and she improvised on the hour-long show occasionally mimicking actors. The show's format was such a great success added with the charisma that she brought with her that Veena received offers from various other channels as well. She was recently cast to host the Geo TV show Hum Sub Umeed Say Hain where she was hailed for her comedic parodies.

In 2007, she graced the red carpet event of the Lux Style Awards and was awarded as being the ‘most stylish celebrity on the carpet’. With the recent hype surrounding her achievements at the LSA, Veena was offered roles after another in various films. Staying away from films which she calls 'formula films' she starred most recently in Mohabbatan Sachiyan, which was considered the best Punjabi film to come out of Lollywood in a long time. This film features Veena in the leading role and has paved her way as a prominent A-list actress in the Pakistani film industry.

Early in 2008, rumours of Veena suffering a heart-attack were revealed to be exaggerations, and she was diagnosed instead with a mildly serious form of tachycardia. In an interview with Kiran and George on their show Kiran Aur George, she described her turmoil during the time of her illness. It has been subsequently reported that she prepared a will as a result of this incident and entrusted it to her sister.


Year Film Language
2000 Tere Pyar Mein Urdu
2002 Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa Urdu
2004 Pind Di Kuri Punjabi
Jageer Punjabi
2005 Bau Badmash Punjabi
Koi Tujh Sa Kahan Urdu
Kyun Tum Se Itna Pyar Hai Urdu
2006 Wapsi Urdu
Pakhton Yaar Pashto
Sozam Peh Angar Pashto
2007 Anjaam Urdu
2008 Mohabbatan Sachiyan Punjabi
Kabhi Pyar Na Karna Urdu
Ishq Beparwaah Punjabi

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