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About Ajinkya Dev

Male actor Ajinkya Dev from India, famous due to bollywood

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Ajinkya Dev Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Ajinkya Dev is the noted actor in Marathi films and is the son of veteran Marathi actor Ramesh Dev & Seema Dev. "Vasudev Balawant Phadke" is the latest marathi mega movie is which he is in the lead role. Release is on December 2007.

Marathi film star, Ajinkya Deo, who is also the 'Executive Director' of Prabhat Entertainment TV channel. The channel, which is being beamed through THAICOM-3 is being financed partially by an NRI. The Board of directors of Prabhat Entertainment TV comprises Ravi Agrawal (chairman), Deepak Agrawal (managing director), Ajinkya Deo (executive director), Charuhas Satam (creative director), Anant Rangaswami (marketing director) and Anil Shetty (director). This channel is started in 2000 & close on 2002.

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