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About Daisy Bopanna

Male actor Daisy Bopanna from India, famous due to bollywood

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Daisy Bopanna Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Daisy Bopanna (Kodava Kannada : ಡೈಸಿ ಬೋಪಣ್ಣ ) is an Indian actress in Bollywood and Kannada films.

She did her schooling from Aurobindo School, pre-university at Kumarans College and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She starred in more than 150 ads before getting a big break in Bollywood with the Priyadarshan movie Garam Masala. At present she lives in Mumbai. Recently she has appeared in the Kannada movie Gaalipata. Daisy Bopanna's family hails from Coorg/Kodagu, known as Kodavas / Coorgs. Daisy born and raised in Coorg did her schooling in Aurobindo School & has graduated with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts.

Daisy Bopanna made her cinematic debut in a de-glamourised role in the Kannada film Bimba (film), a film directed by Kavitha Lankesh which explored the exploitation of child artistes in the film industry. But her later work in a movie Bhagwan with Darshanearned her the tag of “spicy Daisy”. The actor, however, is rather surprised on her moniker. “I have never done glamorous roles for the heck of it. In the past, I have refused lot of roles where I was required to wear skimpy clothes,” says Daisy.

Daisy made her Bollywood debut in Priyadarshan’s Garam Masala (film). Her first scene required her to kiss John Abraham. In Mumbai, Daisy has just shifted to a new house and is busy realising her Bollywood dreams. She is all set to star in a Hindi romantic comedy and has recently finished with the photo shoot. Another Telugu film Hrudayam directed by Jai Akash is also on. The actor had earlier done two Telugu films Chanti opposite Ravi Teja Sharma and Relax. Her Tamil film Chakravyuham directed by Udayabhanu Maheshwaran was also released recently.

The pretty actress is dabbling in different regional film industries. But Bollywood is where she wants to be. She says “Every South Indian actor wants to make it in Bollywood and so do I. Just one film has given me so much recognition. South Indian films may be way beyond the Hindi films in terms of its budget, but Hindi cinema reaches the largest audience.” It hasn’t been a smooth ride for Daisy. First, it was the spine dislocation which happened during the promotion of Garam Masala. Some cysts had developed in her spine. She adds "In Mumbai, they do film promotions really well and I didn’t want to miss out on that. I even attended one of the promotional events with crutches. After the surgery I had to take a break for a year. I couldn’t walk, bend or do anything. I ate and watched television and put on so much weight, I had to let go off some good projects. Even now, I can’t do heavy dances or vigorous movements. I can’t even gym. My health is jinxed. Something or the other keeps happening.”


Satyavan Saavithri
Rama Shama Bama
Chakkara Viyugam
Garam Masala

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