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About M P Shankar

Male actor M P Shankar from India, famous due to tollywood

supporting Actor


M P Shankar Actor Pictures Interview Biography

M.P. Shankar was a veteran Kannada film actor. He acted in films like Satya Harishchandra as "Veera Baahu", Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu, Ratnamanjari etc.

He produced the film Gandhada Gudi starring Dr. Rajkumar. He passed away on 17th July 2008 in Mysore.

Shankar became famous for his rich voice and strong build. He dominated the villian space in the Kannada film industry for nearly a decade. However, he will forever be remembered as a director. All his films carried a message and many of them like Gandhadagudi (starring Dr. Rajkumar and Vishnu Vardhan) were strong commentaries on dwindling forests and fate of wild animals. Naren Vijayasimha

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