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About Naresh

Male actor Naresh from India, famous due to tollywood

supporting Actor


Naresh Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Naresh (also known as "Vijaya Naresh") is an Indian movie actor who portrayed lead comic roles in Tollywood in 1980s and 1990s and appears occasionally in supporting roles in 2000s.

Early life

He is the son of actress and director Vijaya Nirmala. He is the Step Son of famous actor Super Star Krishna and Step Brother of the very famous actor Mahesh Babu, who is known in Tollywood as "Prince Mahesh Babu". In 2006, on his mother's birthday, he indicated that he wanted to be known as "Vijaya Naresh" as a gift to his mother.


Naresh's mother directed him in the starring role Prema Sankellu (1982), a remake of Love Story (1981 film) but the film didn't become a hit, despite the enormous success of the music. His other film Naalugu Stamabhalata (1982) that year, became a hit.

Naresh also acted in many comedy movies which were big hits at the box office.

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